What the...???

An N-track file ntrck0setup.msi in my Windows login profile’s temp folder is getting deleted and I have to re-install n-track everytime this happens. I lose track of my various project file shortcuts in the File… dropdown menu and it sucks! Now, after reinstalling ntrack, I find this crucial .msi file is installed back in my profile’s temp folder. WTF? Why would n-track keep any critical file in any temp directory knowing most system cleaners usually wipe those folders first? That’s why it’s called temp!! This has happened after I’ve ran other clean-up utilities but I did not run any today which has me really thrown for a loop. Is there maybe a hidden WidowsXP process that wipes the temp files automatically after they reach a certain unbeknownst-to-me criteria?

The only thing I can think to curb this problem is perhaps to change the method I originally install ntrack. I usually just select to run the file when I click on n-track to initially download it off the net and just run setup straight from the net download instead of saving the setup file on my hdd. Would this have any bearing? Search your hard drives and tell me if your ntrck0setup.msi files are in your temp directories.

There were numerous discussions on this subject a while back. I don’t recall the outcome (it didn’t affect me at the time), but while you’re waiting for someone who does remember to come along, have a search back in the forum.


If you choose “run” instead of “save” when downloading a program file of any flavor including n-Track, you deprive yourself of the ability to re-install that program should something go wrong. I always choose to download the install file and keep it in a folder along with 4 or 5 of the most recent older builds as well as build 1980. That way, if for some reason a new build does not work as expected I can always go back to a previous version, including the old standby 1980. And yes, most programs that are installed from the web will use the “temp” folder for the installation process. After installing this way, you might find leftover files such as the one you mention in that Temp folder. These are of course subject to being deleted whenever you or Windows does housekeeping chores.

My advice is to always download and save the installation file for any program.