What to do, what to do?

simple or more simple ?

I did a 2 track thing on a tune by a friend, She wants a full blown band - the more I listen to this the more I like it just the way it is.

Let me know what ya’ll think.

Elaina’s - “I’m Ready”


A full band will detract from this. It’s fine as-is, nice pure voice and simple rythmic backing. I like it!

I dunno, I can hear it either way. But simplicity works here.

Mmmm…that is a fine recording, too…

Am I ambivalent? Well yes, and no.

Thanx guys.

I agree with others. It’s lovely as it is.

Yes, that’s a definite “maybe.” ???


Thing about a good song is that it stands on it’s own without any complex backing, and this is a good song.

Personally, I would throw in another acoustic guitar playing a sustained rhythm and maybe some congas.

Yes it would definitely take a full band, but I feel the song is powerful enough not to need it.

Excellent stuff.


Thanx Beefy - I was considering sort of the same thing. One more guitar and build percussion out.

Thanx for the feedback guys…

Poppa :

If it were me, I’d bring in the full band (drums, bass guitar, and a slightly dirty electric guitar) at 33 seconds. I think this would be a good idea.

While I agree that it does sound good as a two track recording, I believe that not having a full band will “limit” the song’s appeal and thereby reduce the effectiveness of the song’s message.

I think the dilema faced might be similar (metaphorically speaking) to a great message delivered by a pastor in a half empty church - missed potential.

Putting the full band in there will certainly change the song, but it’ll increase the likehood that it will get airtime.
Airtime is king.
If more people listen to it as a result of the band backing track, it’s a net gain right?

All the best,

Well - you have a point. And I can hear it that way. If I was looking for radio airplay for this particular tune I’d wholly agree with you - the other 9 or so tunes slated to cut in her project hold a lot more commercial potential in my thinking, although that’s not what she’s expecting. I’ll make a decision with her input of course - thanks Iplan.

Oh, what a singer and voice man, I love her, a star is born. I would leave the song just like it is, guitar and voice, but I agree with Iplan regarding commercial, I would add some soft brushed drums and bass and maybe piano, all acoustic, no dirty guitars, kinda Eddie Brickell’s arrangements. Have to note that the “I’m ready” vocoder effect is not a bad idea but man, is way too loud, hurts my damaged ears.

(pedal) Steel Guitar Banjo, Accordian, touch of Hammond (b3 of course) light hand pkayed toms - thats a band in my book -


jazo - the South American critique par excellence. Oh well… and Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits.
She has a song in the contest by the way. Guitar and Keys nothing more.

I’ve enjoyed your posts jazo. I would add all you said if I knew how to use my new toy jaco, thankfully my magic wabbit friend has returned home and my lessons can coninue.

the Lady has excelent breath control (or youve done a job on the editing), heard so many songs where the singer GASP for air every few seconds recently - -



Nice song PW. Great vocal. Simple works here. I hear it any way you like. I’d like to do a full on “CCM” version of it! :laugh:

One little “sticker” on my part and please feel free to ignore me… I don’t think the low-fi FX’d “I’m ready” parts fit with the simplicity of the song. That’s just me and one o’dem subject-a-cative thangs… so whatever… :)

It is a FINE tune…


I don’t like it either - she wanted it. She’s wanting more of it on her other tunes I might have to tell her it simply does not fit - I need to revisit those tracks I guess. I thought that one was in the can.
I remember now we butted heads over her timing on that one too.

i can hear brushes.
i can also hear a groove bass line.
upright, if you can swing it.
if you add a combo, the lo-fi/panning vocal drops won’t sound quite as stark and out of place.
also, if the accompaniment didn’t tacet each time that vocal effect came in, it wouldn’t be so stark.
nice song to close out a project.

i agree with tom, even on the cans the recording sounds nice and crisp.

which is best?

p.s. popps, consider myself mapped. i did it just fer ewe.

Hey that map thing is neat.