What type be the bump?

Boy or Girl?

I have my 20 week Scan this afternoon, Am gonna find out what it is … place your bets now :)

You have my sympathy.

Good names. What’s the story on them?

Girl Bass Players ???? NO… :disagree: :laugh:

So there… :laugh: posted your time… 2:00pm…


Boy… and I don’t blame you nor hold a grudge for not naming him after me.

“Unblown Swan” Nope. Just doesn’t have a nice ‘ring’ to it. :laugh:

Best wishes Ange! :)


well they both sound like folksingers names to me ange!
i didnt want to know what i was having with either of mine i like surprises too much!
i was thinking what would a folksinger have & a little song popped into my head we will record it next week & post it back here

When Rob and you are ‘mixed’ together, are you acid or alkali?

‘Luke’ It is then :;):
(he was very helpful and showed us in all his glory :p )

Excellent. :agree:



Why thank you :)

(sorry we didn’t choose Unblown Swan…it was our second choice :p )

Quote: (ange @ Mar. 10 2011, 12:52 PM)

it was our second choice
:p )

Rrrrriiiigggghhhhtttt... :laugh: