What would you call this design?

Ludwig standard

Today’s thrift shop find, for 19 dollars - too much? Just right? Not enough? I think it is a Ludwig Standard Strata, at least it says Ludwig Standard" on it, and Strata is the closest I could find on the web.

Probably good, if the shell is in good shape.

The Standard line was a budget line from the late 60 and early 70’s. I don’t think the shells are any different than there other drums from that time, but there was some pretty big differences between years back then, going from 3 to 6 ply and white or clear on the inside.

I found on link that talks about the Standard line, but it doesn’t go into much detail at all.


EDIT: Just found this link from a drum forum. It’s got some stuff that should help you get started figuring out what you have. Some of this is definitely new to me, too. Very cool.


Excellent phoo - I had seen the first link, but the forum exchange was very sueful - esp. the color swatches, and the info that these are date stamped. This KD still has the priginal heads on it, and they are hardly used, it is in really great shape. I wish I had the rest of the hardware, esp for the toms, but still this will be a step up from my 1985 rogers thing. :)

19 bucks - good deal? Methinkso. :D

My Ludwigs are '71 Classics. Very different shell hardware than yours there, Tom. I have the clear maple finish inside and the shells aren’t stamped, but do have stickers with the date.

If you get around to wanting new heads, I suggest looking into the Aquarian Vintage American series. They seem to sound the best on my Ludwigs.

Oh, and Tom? The output trannies for you PM1k’s showed up last Friday. So I can get back on that little project for you once I get past this nightmare I’m in the middle of at the day job. Also, the background of that photo has a nice look at the “wheel of life” tiles on yer bathroom floor…

Thanks, Jim! Hadn’t noticed that!

Hope the job gets better! :D

Hi TomS:
The guy I work with has a vintage Ludwig set of drums out of the late '50’s early '60’s

He has offered to bring his snare over for me to sample it… I’m tempted to take him up on the offer… If I knew more about how to track it to get a series of samples I’d go at it in a heartbeat… I know I have the mics… I’m not so sure I have the “ROOM-and-Acoustics” to do IT… The Kick and the Toms should be done, as well… I know he has Hats-and-Cymbals, with his Kit, to die for…

Here I am, looking for samples to use with that Drumagog Application I have…