Whats the problem?

  1. Recording in 24bit, tracks are being changed to 16 bit.
    2. I announce to the nTrack forum and brag about switching back to MME drivers and getting better performance.
    Only to find one week later that checking the “SHOW THE MME DRIVER” check box, no longer shows the MME drivers.
    And I’m stuck in WDM.

I think I’ve got an explanation for both situations. Using msconfig I unchecked the service to use Windows Audio. I think that took away the option to see MME drivers. Wow!

About tracks mysteriously changing to 16 bit after recording in 24. After thinking about it. I paid more attention to the solo track setup, two mono track settings. And paid little attention to the other inputs that where sterio and assumed they would be 24bit. It looks like I didn’t even assign 24 bit recordin to the stereo tracks. The reason I’m thinking this is because the vocals are recorded in mono and they are 24 bit. The guitars all stereo are 16 bit.
Case closed :wink:

Good going LEVE.
You should be running the country. :laugh: