when equalize the voice

maybe a stupid noob question

well, i’ve got the songs finished even the voice. And now i want to equalize the song. and now the question:
should i equalize the song before the mixdown of the song (each track separately) or first i must mixdown the song and then equalize the whole project?

hope you understand the question :), i’m from spain i’m not comfortable with english.

Do you want to apply equalization to the whole song - or just certain parts?

If you want it on the whole song, then mixdown first then apply EQ, other wise just eq the channels that need it.


Go to Audiominds.com and look at their suggestions for EQing. You will find some very good information regarding what you are looking for.

ok, thanks for the help.
i sing bad and i want to disguise my voiced :wink:

and then… what plugin do u recomend to disguise the voice? (a free one)… add some reverb, chorus, compression!!!

Quote (ucant @ Mar. 01 2005,03:54)
and then... what plugin do u recomend to disguise the voice? (a free one)

Oh I find that most distortion plug-ins work well :D

First thing to put on vocals is compression. This will help even out your delivery and tone, and make you sound a lot more confident than before. (At least, it sure helps that way for mine!) Reverb is generally second. After applying these effects, I’ll work on EQ. Always make EQ adjustment decisions while listening to the whole mix. Of course, since you’ll EQ a number of tracks, you’ll want to do another round or two on them all, because now the “whole mix” has changed. It’s a matter of successive refinement.

The other plugin you might want to consider is AutoTune or OBTune (same thing but OBTune is much cheaper and limited to “automatic mode”). This is controversial, of course. Some folks think it’s the scourge of contemporary music (and they have good arguments). But I’d rather concentrate on my tone and projection when singing, and use OBTune to fix up the intonation problems. If I worry too much about intonation when I record, my singing gets even worse because I tense up. Note that this is not a recipe for good singing – of course you need to work on intonation. But I find that when I have OBTune as a safety net, I can relax more and focus on the MUSIC more, and as a result my intonation is actually better. :)

All the things Learjeff said are sage advice. The OBTune is awesome to round off imperfections in hitting notes, used minimally.

In addition (this from an amateur), practice the song a lot, memorize the words. Stand when you sing, emote. Listen to your recording, see where you are missing notes or not adding feeling, continuously improve each new recording. Lastly, I’m told the voice is best first thing in the morning. Do your key recording then.

thanks for you all. I’m making an “album”, and i’m very pleased with the music, although i only plug the guitar in my soundcard (audigy2) and use fruity loops (samples) to insert drums and bass. The music sounds great (to be an amateur-home recording project). but my voice ooops!!, i’ve got a bad microphone, and some songs are correct but other i sing very very bad. Maybe i need to memorize more the lyrics, i think this is a good starting point.
then i’ll try to make a compression, and then the rever. i had stopped my project cos i couldn’t find plugins to make the voice more stable in the whole song.
I’m sure that singing very very good it’s the best thing, but we can see the first albums of LEonard Cohen, and they are very good example of a guy who singing very bad or with a very bad voice, has a lot of success thanks to her beautiful music. I think his producer/mixer made a very good job :D

when i finished my work, i’ll put a link here. I think you could get a great surprise if youy like alternative music.

thanks again

Oh, I should have mentioned – OBTune & AutoTune work well if your voice is reasonably steady, but with less than perfect intonation and a bit of drift here and there. If you have a very weak, warbly voice, it’ll only make it sound worse. If you’re not sure, be sure to try the AutoTune demo, which you can use for free for some limited time period. There’s no OBTune demo, but it’s exactly AutoTune with only automatic mode. OBTune was $45 last I saw.

Good luck with your recording!

BTW, try recording your acoustic guitar with a mike. You’ll sound far less amateur that way. It’s also great to record both ways and blend. Try recording a performance with both pickup and mike. Also try doing one performance with pickup and one with mike. Both are useful techniques. The mike doesn’t have to be great for this to make a big improvement over just the pickup.

ok, thanks for the second advices, i’ll try it in the next song, cos is an acoustic one…
and for the first thing i already tried it and it worked fine. It will help me in the most difficult songs, the slow ones, where i’ve got more problems. I have not a great voice, but i sang in a choir a few years ago and i have some notions about intonation (is it the correct word in english?). Besides i write down the melody and play it with the piano, but sometimes i want to sing better that i can (give more emeblishments? ornaments???) and then when i listen the recording i say: “my god! my neighbours must be shocking!!!” :D

bye and thanks

is it important to monitor the voice that you´re singing?
guess the answer is yes, but why? (gimme reasons).
and how do i do it?:
take a first take and the only hear that track?
hearing the whole music and at the same time sing?
levels of each track?

i have a mic (behringer xm8500) and it’s a live one. When i record i usually have the speakers of the computer playing the other tracks, and then i record my voice through the mic. And the mic only records my voice, has not background noise… Is it a very bad technique?

Other thing a have a boss me-33 (guitar multiple effects) and i sing (and record) through this, 'cos i can give chorus, reverb, compression… well done or bad?

Now (thanks to cheutz, learjeff, valrecorder, synth707 and smiffy :p) i use autochorus, a compressor (kiwi…) and some equalization(voxengo) and reverb(own ntrack reverb), besides the boss settings… and the voice have improved a lot… over a 40%… if i can improve a 30% more i think it would sound as professional, or near. are these plugins good or you recommend another ones?

well, there are a lot of questions, but i think this post is being very interesting (not only for me) :)

No, it’s not important to hear your voice in the headphones while singing. Some people need it, others don’t. I prefer to set the monitor level in my headphones so that when I sing I hear myself without needing any monitor. I think it’s mostly a personal preference thing.

It is important to hear yourself well while singing. How you do it isn’t a big issue.

I think it’s best to be able to record without hearing any effects – if nothing else, it makes life easier. Also, effects tend to obscure what you’re really singing and it should be best to hear yourself clearly. But like Nergle says, some folks relax more when they can’t hear all the flaws (like singing in the shower!) and relaxing is very important. There are even very experienced and talented pros who prefer to record with reverb in the monitor, or so I’ve heard.

As usual, the “do what works for you” rule applies.

BTW, yes, you’re using the right words. :) And singing along with the piano is a great practice technique, but of course you have to leave that behind at some point (for each song) and work on embellishments. I suspect that most people think that singing with embellishments just comes naturally – and it might to superstars. But for most vocalists, it’s something that has to be learned, just like playing good solos. Copy others to learn tricks, make up a few of your own, and steadily get better. Start out practicing the kinds of embellishments that come most naturally to you and keep trying to add new features.

well, here it’s the first song i finished. The sound it’s not professional but i think the song it’s nice. Anyway

Do you like it?

PD: the web where it’s located have not relationship with music, but i have no other place where place it :)

Can’t get in to download: Clan :(Grundios):: Acceso Denegado

oh, i forgot it! you need to be registered. But in that web, you can register and don’t need to activate the account as the common webs. You only need to write down a nickname and a password. :)

or you can try this link :) anyway