When Levi Plays

This is so good! Know what I love the most? your voice breaks up “take me home” And also the Spademan trademark amp-grounding-buzz before and after the guitars play! Great riff, another cool tune!

Really, not being sarcastic, the voice has emotional all over it, like the voice is bustin out, belting it out, and the buzz sounds like the band is right there in the room, like you’re sitting in on the rehearsal,

Well…geez…thanks guys. those are really nice comments. :)

Amp-buzz - a long time ago I remember reading a review of a Replacements album - Tim I’m pretty sure it was - and teh reviewer was ecstatic about all taht amp hum recorded with glorious digital clarity. Anyway, even if the hum doesn’t contribute, my house is so full of RF that there is no way to avoid it. I’ve had the guitar sheilded, got Ac filters of various sorts, had an electician in…he recommended just turning off all of the offending circuits when I record…yep, it’s that bad…

Quote: (kevinmyers @ May 28 2009, 8:33 PM)

Regardless of how you pronounce it, it's still a cool song. :agree:


awesome :agree:

Ange x

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Thanks for the spam from India (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) Just what we need a site to cheapen music and creativity even more.

Why not just pick um off Big Kahana?
And throw then to the trash can!
Have you seen the eSession forum lately?
Man it’s a sad sad thing.
All spam!
Meds for sale.
I’m hoping that we won’t have to resort to “CAPTCHA” per post here!
But if a bunch of spam comes, enable that option fast!
Do ya mind if I call you Kahana for short?

let’s just stick to, lord all knowing all seeing Ka‘ahumanu for now Levi. :p

I’m too busy working to look for a job. Oh you mean the forum there? Reminds me of a haunted echo chamber when I visit. Don’t know if that product is going to ever appeal to the masses.
Whatcha think?

I don’t know. The fact that the forum isn’t busy is a very bad sign.

Hmmm, well we was all “Born Under A Bad Sign” :laugh:

I aint superstitious! I aint superstitous, Ya know I aint superstitious but a black cat crossed my trail!