When You Dance (I Can Really Love)

More YouTube fun…

Broken Arrow - March, 2005.

The vocals are a little off here & there but hey it’s Neil! :laugh:

Mike - where have you been? :)

In Cyberspace - where else? Seriously, I’ve been around but I haven’t posted anything recently. Nothing to say - nothing to do?

Sorry, I don’t want to upset anyone here, but is that video meant as a joke?

I’m not saying I could sing any better. The fact is, I sound much worse. My singing voice sounds like a strangled hyena on librium.

But I keep my agony personal, I don’t stand on stage and make everyone else suffer along with me. :(

I dunno, sounds pretty darn close to my IMHO.

But Mr Soul, we like your stuff better. :)


Sorry, I don’t want to upset anyone here, but is that video meant as a joke?

That’s fine, but of course it’s not meant to be a joke. As I indicated, the vocals are alittle off but the song is pretty true IMO. It’s actually a much harder song to play than you might think, because of the stops & tempo changes.

This let’s me know what I need someone for Christmas – speakers. I can’t hear a thing. :( Better than the last computer they had though. That one had no sound card. They are moving up slowly.

I’m on vacation in NC until Christmas day. I miss being at home, but it’s nice to be away.

If it’s nearly as good as the last few things I heard form Broken Arrow I’d say it was great. You’re a dead ringer for Neil on this song, Mike.

As I said, I wasn’t trying to offend.

But, you need to kick your sound guy’s ass, because you’re obviously not hearing what you should be hearing.

Many times I’ve heard an out of tune vocalist, or other good musicians playing bad, and the blame often lies on what’s coming out of the monitors.

PS, and I’ll take your word on how difficult the song is…at my best, I have a vocal range spanning two notes, and one of them is “suspect” to say the least. :D

Thanks phoo. This probably isn’t as good as some of the other stuff you’ve heard.

Gizmo - I am the sound guy :laugh: But yes, we were a little off due to a number of factors - the main one being this was the first time we’d performed the song in public with a new singer Rockie (the woman singing in the video). The reason I made a video of it is because 1) it’s the only show I have video of, 2) it’s fun to make video’s, and 3) the song is reasonably tight at the band level (and it’s one of my favorite songs).

What’s hard about “When You Dance” is the chord/melody are not really standard and the harmony is quite high. Plus, the stops & tempo changes in the song make it a little challenging.

If you’re interested, I have another video on YouTube from that performance - search on “Everybody Knows this is No Where” or “Broken Arrow” or “Mike Cressey” and you’ll find it. This video/audio is is definitely better.

no offense, but its a bit lifeless… perhaps too slow?

'course, I’d still rather listen to your own music. :)


no offense, but its a bit lifeless… perhaps too slow?

Seriously it’s no offense to me because this isn’t my song. The tempo of the song is pretty much the tempo of the original song. All of Neil’s songs are too slow :laugh:

Is this version too slow - Neil’s When You Dance?

Thanks Tom!

certainly the original is more lively for some reason. Perhaps the drums… Its something with the rythym. And as far as the vocals, neils uses more vibrato… but who would compare the original to a cover :p I know i wouldnt compare any of my covers hehe


…but who would compare the original to a cover

My old band, Broken Arrow, was a tribute band so these kinds of comparisons are indeed important. If the band were still active, I would consider every reaction/comment that people have & try to encorporate that back into the performance of this song.

I agree that Neil’s version is more “lively” and it had better be given the musicians that he has playing with him. However, I would suggest that his vocals weren’t much better than mine, i.e., they were off here & there.

indeed, he made some serious pitch errors hehe… but, i think the vocals had more “soul” in general. But hey, its his song after all. It sounded like more was being put into it when he did it.