Where's Bruffie gone?

Where’d you go Ian?

There’s a guy who lives in South Africa…
as well…
He’s a motorcycle/Biker-freek… Summer’s coming on…
Maybe, he’s polishing the chrome up, or something…


Seems the Bruff-meister has removed himself? He is not listed in the Members List any more… :(

Bummer… Come back Ian!!



Seems the Bruff-meister has removed himself?

No! come back! :heart-break:

I was wondering why he hasn’t been around in a while, but figured he was just too busy to check in. Hope he’s doing well, whatever he’s up to. Maybe he’ll return shortly.

I sent him an email - been a while - he replied with some pretty personal news. 'Bout all I can tell ya is he’s most likely reading all this. Just love him!

You can find Bruffie’s email here.
Let him know he’s missed. :agree:


Well, I’ve been wondering myself just lately.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with THIS though.


cancel the milk carton pictures then huh?
tell the posse theyre not need’d
lone ranger sent his horse for the posse once,
horse brought back a nice lookin woman :laugh:

Was he in Dubai?


I'm sure it has nothing to do with THIS though.

Un freakin' believeable - Could be Bruffie did the stabbing?
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 05 2008, 2:03 PM)

You can find Bruffie's email here.
Let him know he's missed. :agree:

Thanks Poppa. I sent Ian a message... told him to send up a flare... smoke signal... carrier pigeon... whatever.


Those Karaoke people have to be STOPPED. :agree:
They are ruining this planet.

To all that responded to Poppas e-mail campaign :) Thanks truly! (ur a stubborn bugger Poppa, love ya )

Seven…Still in Dubai.
Beefy… 3 people have been murdered in Manila for singing the song ‘My Way’, either badly or because someone else wanted to sing it.

Sorry for my absence. Had a tough time recently, but I’ve discovered there are things that are more important in life than most, and friends are at the top of the list. So to all the friends here, thanks and nice to be back.

It got close…

I figured the next operation would be .
Organizing a search party for you…
Get one of them GM or Ford personal jets and scour all the countries in your part of the world…
Visit every Karaoke Bar that’s going…
Round up all the CRT Tubes and Mics they’d find… :p
The alturnate to that would be … Shut down the n-Track Build/Updates…
AND … Get Flavio to go have a look for you…


Good to see you’re back on board, Ian, and making it through your “tough time”. Maybe it will all lead to some inspired writing. Here’s hoping so, anyway.

Welcome back matey!

Who is Bruffie? :laugh:

He’s the one that can’t get his avatar to work…duh!! ???