Where's Diogenes gone?

…I’m getting good at this after Bruffie…

Just read a thread where Diogenes posted and it says “Former member”…

Where you go D?

He’s still D with an ubious after.


Man…I’m not as good as I thought…

Pay attention! Something might actually happen!


Dew-be-us… That’s ME! Still a “D”! :laugh:


Quote: (Dubious @ Dec. 18 2008, 7:23 PM)

Dew-be-us... That's ME! Still a "D"!


I'm Doubtful.

Then there's Bewitched, Bothered, and Bemildred (Samn Bemildred, that is) (joke courtesy Walt Kelly)

I guess now that he’s gone we can talk about him behind his back, :laugh:

Is that Mountain Dew-be-us?

I’ll shut up my mug if you fill up my jug . . . . .

Actually guys, the “D” I continuously use is a grade… for my guitar playing. I’m tryin’ though. I promise…


Yeah, I was wondering what happened to Yaz, but then I noticed that Panther fan Zay had popped up.

Who is this Yaz person?

He sounds old and stoopid! :laugh:

And if Dubious’ guitar playing is a “D” grade, then mine is “Z” grade (that’s as bad as you can get)

Now that is tihS lluB Zay! :laugh: