Where's everyone?

Must be watching American Idol…

I hope the little “Sweety” wins… :O :;):

She did. But I was watching the Aviator. Pretty decent movie.

Have not been keeping up. Generally HATE TV as a rule… but I was kinda hoping Bo would get it. BE neat for a “neighborhood” boy to do good. His home town is about 60 miles west of here.

Oh well, the chick definitely LOOKS better! :p :p


Well this “chick” was locked upstairs dusting off her fingers on the old p-bass. Damned if I’m gonna spend two hours watching a big commercial for fords and coca-cola.

Yeah, I guess she is hotter than he is - if only she was more rock-and roll…

She’s a little bit country, he’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll …

Hey the new Donnie and Marie:p

Ugh, I can’t believe people still pay attnetion to that awful show. I just find it so silly. When was the last time we heard from any of the past winners? (Ruben? Fantasia?) And they give them the absolute crappiest songs to record for their album. Have you heard these things? They are 1992 Celine Dion/Michael Bolton rejects. And she ain’t that hot…

-Grumpy Bubba at work at 8AM after getting 4 hours sleep after a gig.

If I didn’t know better, Bubba, I would say you sound jealous.

Only half jealous. Mostly morning grumpy and partly ashamed of watching as much of it as I do. But seriously, have you heard the tunes? They really are dreadful jealous or not.

I’m with Bubba - I hate Am Idiol & I never watch it :angry:

This should have been the year for you guys to watch. There were a couple of moderately good wannabe rock singers. One of them, Bo Bice, was one of the final two contestants. He’s a vocal ringer for David Clayton Thomas. Bo performed with Lynyrd Skynyrd on the finale and is probably better than their regular guy. Who knows, these guys might even be n-Trackers. Bubba, what were you doing Wednesday night???

Yeah. The couple of times I caught the show was when my wife yelled “Hey, it’s that guy from Alabama!” So I’d check it out. Bo is one heck of a fine performer. Did you guys catch his rendition of “Whippin’ Post”? Man, that one shot chills up my spine. I gotta agree with you ksdb. He’s better Van Zandt IMO.


Well, I started the evening cooking dinner. Then I caught a tad bit of 60 minutes where they interviewed Rick Steves. Then I flipped to PBS to catch the end of Cooking Underfire. Then, Kristi took over and it was AM from 9-10. Though I will admit, I sat and watched it too (Thus the half shame admitted to above.) The I watched Law and Order CI and hit the sack. What an exciting evening it was…

I still think they make them sing the most craptacular songs ever on their records.

Quote (Bubbagump @ May 27 2005,14:08)
I still think they make them sing the most craptacular songs ever on their records.

Dunno. Never bought any of 'em! But you know the record execs are not gonna give the "new kid" a chance with primo songs. Might topple their gravy train artists......... Politics? Yep.


I never bought them either, but they always have the top 10 or whatever song the tuns from the upcoming album and the winner always closes the last show with their first single that is supposed to come out… Horrid. (I have said too much of what I know. We must never speak of this again.)

I was watching the Spurs vs. Suns game. And I’m still bummed that Phooenix lost.

I finished watching a movie with 4 mins left in the Am Idol show. I saw the results announced and went to bed. Get up at 5 am here. As far as past Idols, 2 finalists have been from NC. Clay Aiken and Fantasia. There is still “mania” around here for the both of them. But seeing I ain’t into “pop” music have never heard their cd’s. If I could have made the show in my hey day, ya think they would have let me sing a Zappa tune?

The thing we are all missing here is: they make a lot of money with this. Isn’t that what we’d all secretly like? To make money on our art? Let my friends call it garbage (no offence to Butch Vig) I’d still take a hit any day. :)

Is it the manufacturing process and the show that make the lots of money, or is it the idol ? (or both) Maybe the idol for a while.

I mean, just by the very nature of the genre, what’s new today is old tommorow.

The same guy that wrote for Rick Astley (Ashley?) in the 80’s is still writing songs for the new flavour of the day. He’s still making money doing what he wants, but he doesn’t have the stress of re-inventing himself (or dream up a new scandall / catfight) to keep from being forgotten.

Is yesterday’s news old ? Ah, well, here’s a new superstar that I can make royalties of …