Where's the 3 new plugins that come with 4.02?

I can’t see it in my directx plugin list

Hi all!

Do I have a myopia problem? I installed build 1707, which is supposed to have the multiband compressor, tempo and what-not plugins included, but I can’t find it… any luck, anyone?

They are VST effects, not Direct X.

When you install the 4.0.2, they go to the VST plugins folder in the nTS folder (typically C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins). If you have designated another folder for VST plugins in n-Track settings, you need to copy the files to your folder.

Wait - I didn’t see the tempo delay - totally cool. That and the multi band comp are great enhancements. :)

I agree Tom. Thank you Flavio.

Mike F

ahh… yeah, found it… thanks guys!