Where's the map?

Meet for Lunch?

The wife and I are thinking of doing a day trip. A couple of hours in any direction, 4 is top end.
We would like to end up in a burg larger then the po-dunk where we live. Stop into a few music gear stores see if there is something that grabs my interest.

Wanted to look at Poppas’ member map to see if there is someone within a couple hours of driving we might be able to meet for lunch along our way…can’t find the map.

Whose close to Chicago, Des Moines, Iowa City, St Louy, Peoria? Would be nice to put a face to a name, have a yak, a bite to eat, and maybe a giggle or 2.

Duff :handshake:

I’m the MAP!

I’d like to get the map updated too, if you could all take time to join…

Bruffie got deleted somehow???

Thanks guys & gal.

Thanks Poppa!

Had a look. Seems like I’m all by my lonesome in any direction, within the time frame I’m willing to travel…

Oh well…

please, pops, no more dora the explorer references. my fried neurons can take no more.

tom s is in flint, is that too far away?
i love volunteering other people.

i’d volunteer, but i’m 1700 miles away, and won’t be much of a host in the operating room. i’ll probably be good for a couple of yuks on percoset, though.

Complain and you shall be tormented.

Oh, Man! :whistle:

thanks, jerk. and not the good carribean kind of spicy jerk chicken, either. the wife complained about it too when i played your link.

ah… I’ll see what else I got then… :laugh:

Here’s another, where Dora looses her cool with Boots.

And the new one for your wife. Dora2.

Re-installed myself in case Duffman want’s to drop in for a coffee :laugh:

It hasn’t hit my updater yet - Your location does hold down on the drop-ins doesn’t it!

It does that Poppa :laugh: :laugh:

Quote: (Bruffie @ Feb. 12 2009, 11:12 AM)

Re-installed myself in case Duffman want's to drop in for a coffee

Bruffie....thanks but I was thinking more in the line of meeting at a local eatery, slammin a couple of Manhattans and a burger!

Would you really want to have me "drop in" for coffee having never met me before? How do you know I'm not a song writting serial killa?

Ever wonder why I left a great carreer in Chicago and moved out to the country? They where getting close to finding the bodies...MMMMWAH


Now I’m scared :p
But wait - maybe we could do ‘Riders on the Storm’


How do you know I'm not a song writing serial killa?

You do hip-hop/rap? :laugh:


I am a “drop in” guy. I absolutely love to watch people react to a big ole boy just barging in and taking over a scene - hehehee - My style was noted even at the Observatory grand opening. I think I walked right by every secretary in town to raise money.
Wouldn’t bother me a bit. It’s fun if you enjoy really studying folks.

You can come study how I drink wine anytime. :)

When Poppa heads to Tennessee Kevin, we gotta do a nTrack get together and jam and drink wine and tell stories and . . and . . and you know. :agree:


When Poppa heads to Tennessee Kevin, we gotta do a nTrack get together and jam and drink wine and tell stories and . . and . . and you know.

Sounds like a plan.
Poppa might wanna bring the mead in case we drink up all the wine.