Where are my master effects?

When I view the track mixer, I see my effects under the EQ for each track. But when I view the Master Mixer, I don’t see the master’s effects, except for three labeled “metronome” that I didn’t put there and can’t delete.
I added reverb as an effect, but I can’t see it anywhere. I can hear it in the mix, but I can’t see it or alter it.
When I right click on the “Instruments” under “Master” in the Master Mixer, I can open the Effects list box, but here again, I see 4 (not 3!) instances of the metronome, and still no reverb.
Any idea what’s going on?

Ntrack 9.0.0 Build 3515 on Windows 10.

I see the problem. I have over a hundred instances of “metronome”. I’m not sure where they came from. It won’t be fun to delete them one by one.