Where Are my Saved Effect Presets Stored

I’m using Cakewalk effects with n-track and the parametric eq effect saves fine but effects like cakewalk chorus(mono) and cakewalk reverb (mono) won’t save
does anyone know where these are even stored I did some research and found that there should be a registry key called preset file but either n-track didn’t create it or it’s in a different location. I did install the software on a different HD than the OS
could that be it?????????????


does anyone know where these are even stored

Errr… assuming we’re talking about the same thing, you get a File Save Dialogue when you save effects settings. So the answer to yorur question is that the effects settings get saved in a file and the file goes wherever you put it.

I don’t have Cakewalk effects do I can’t try the exactly the same test as you but I’m pretty sure the the effect save/load is handled by n-track so it would be the same.

This is on V4.2 but I don’t ever recall this being different.

Perhaps the Cakewalk effects don’t play nicely with third party hosts.


In the Cakewalk effects window where you adjust levels there is a floppy icon to save your preset but it never gives you the option to
choose file location…I do know others using installed cakewalk plugins just fine…whats puzzling is that…not any one of the effects will save the actual changed settings the will save the name of the preset with default values for the settings
If i use the general cakewalk reverb or chorus (ie…not mono) I still can’t save a preset…but atleast when I exit out of the window it remembers my setting the MONO effects will revert to default right when i exit the effrects window

Thanks for the reply just thought i give a little more info
I’m almost to the point where I can upload some songs to the board for review

There IS…a lite at the end of the tunnel :D

I don’t know then… must be a Cakewalk specific thing.

So how do you call back a preset? Is there anyway to give them names? If so, give one a bizarre name and do an Explorer search on your drive to see if you can find it.