Where are my tracks??

Here now:

-I import tracks from a session that was previously saved to DVD. Loaded, selections taken from it and filed for importing via Cool Edit Pro.

-Tracks now imported, I press F3 to use the track EQ, and get the track tightened up.

-I press F3 to lose the mixer (only have 1 monitor), and my tracks are gone! Blank timeline.

-I re-import tracks, and have to start all over again.

I can’t turn off the mixer view, or I lose my track. This is obviously uncool…

So, what did I do wrong?..I attempted at one point, before this started, to use the ASGN toggle on my US-428 to assign the EQ knobs to the track EQ, and that seems to have started the problem. I don’t see an outlined procedure for doing this with the 428, so I took a few shots at it. But anyway, I un-installed/re-installed the program, and the situation persists.

I have a newly ‘re-drivered’ Rage 128 ATI card. Maybe it’s my motherboard? VIA chipset with a Celeron 2 GHz CPU.

I’ll say here that it’s true, I’ve installed some new Builds (currently using 1980), and that may have been less than wise. But I’ve “inadvertently” become part of a freelance R&D team here, and that’s not working for me. I just need the thing to do what I need it to do when I can find the time to do it (Family over here…); so hey, if anyone has perhaps some kind of answer for this, it’d be great! Until then, I think I’d like to go back and load an earlier version of n-Track. Like some of my more thoroughly thinking peers have done.

I realize I’ve created my own problem- but frankly, it wasn’t hard to do! It’s possible I need a more ‘Sloom-proof’ program? :p

Thanks for reading- and yes, all chiding/reproff will be quietly recieved… I’d just like to get on with it.

Copy the imported tracks to the hard disk and lose the “Read Only” attribute. Just to see what happens. I bet that’ll fix it though…


i purchased 4.xx just to get 3.3. i use 3.3


I’d saved the files in Cool Edit to a new file name after culling them from the lengthy session… but maybe you’re right. I figured they’d lose the Read-Only thing after being saved to a new file-name.

Thanks, Diog., I’ll try it.

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Quote (Sloom @ Dec. 11 2005,19:27)
I'd saved the files in Cool Edit to a new file name after culling them from the lengthy session... but maybe you're right. I figured they'd lose the Read-Only thing after being saved to a new file-name.

Hmm.. yep. If that's the case it/they SHOULD lose the 'read only' attribute. After all it is a new file... curious...


Also- and this is wierder- they show up as one side (left) of an evidently stereo waveform. They are mono tracks. And they don’t look like the waveforms I’m used to seeing.


I am evidently the only one (“There can only be one”)…

Maybe it’s back to 3.x? Not happy…though maybe 3.x is the ticket anyway.

Just another thought Sloom… to what format is CoolEdit saving them? That may be another place to check. It may be saving them to a wave format that n-Track cannot display properly for some reason. As an experiment, make SURE CoolEdit is saving them as 16/44.1 PCM format, import them into n and see what gives…


I’ll give that a check too. The reason I’m calling it a ‘new’ problem is that I haven’t done anything different- to my knowledge.

Now, obviously, something is different. But it’s something small…

But that’s a good thought, and I’ll let you know what I find out. Thanks for keeping up with me on this.