Where did my effects go ?

I just reloaded N into a new computer because my other one crashed on me.
I use Version 3.3
After I downloaded it from the “Download Older Versions” site, I went into N to listen to some of my recordings. I noticed that when I went to add and effect (specifically, Reverb) I saw it wasn’t there anymore.
Can you tell me why it has all of a sudden disappeared on me?
I have never needed to re-load reverb, echo, chorus, etc in the past when I have re-downloaded this. I have had to reload the Compressor but that is because it doesn’t come default with version 3.3

Thank you!

that does sound odd…I notice as well in another thread you mention now the sound is crapping out as well on the new system…

Could you look in the HELP “about” area and see what version of Ntrack it shows installed and whether or not it is registered?

keep shinin

jerm :cool: