Where did the Move Tool Go

Version 5 build 2225

I can’t find the Move Tool listed on the tool bar.
Help -
I’m trying to clear a space at the front of a file so that I can add a lead in to the song.
Where or Where did the Move tool go?

You now just mouseover and click to “grab” the little cross in the lower left corner of the .wav file. If you’re trying to move every file in the song, select all files (ctrl/drag) and hold ctrl while moving any one of them.

Thanks. I found it. I guess that is a nice feature, but I am a believer that anything you can do with keyboard/mouse clicks should be in a menu somewhere. That gives us someplace to look when we can’t find a feature. This is particularly useful if a control has changed.
Appreciate the help,

There were a lot of changes from 4.x to 5.0 like that where things changed from click-per-action to toggles (like view all song) etc., that threw a lot of us for a loop at first. The mouseover file dragging is one of those. Working is actually smoother now after the adjustment period.

Maybe. But I still don’t much care for not having something listed in the menu somewhere. Shortcuts and hotkeys are great, If you know where they are. I’ll have to go back to Version 4 until I have the time to sit down and experiment. I emailed Flavio, and he feels strongly that the new way will be easier for the user - but I would have left the menu item available as a way to get to it (I am repeating myself). I’m concerned that folks, like me, will spend a while looking for a feature they know is suppose to be there and give up on the program

in you MIND draw two lines about a foot apart, between those lines write the word REASON - now imagine yourself standing on the word REASON, and take a step forward, having gone BEYOND REASON nothing NEW will hold you back-

Dr J

I like your reasoning.
A few years ago, my school district where I teach, gave all the teachers a book called, “Who Moved My Cheese?” It was designed to help the teachers accept the changes the admin. was putting in place. I don’t know how many thousands of dollars they spent on the books. I just remember that I felt there had to be a difference between stealing your cheese and not paying you enough money to buy your cheese - that is: change trumps experience (usability). Didn’t matter in the long run - someone stole my book, and I think they had to put off many of the changes (they didn’t work and they ran out of money).
I guess I’m getting old, doesn’t seem to me that change is always progress.
"Forward, Forward rode the 600 hundred . . "
Don’t take this as disparagement of Flavio - he does a great job. Just talkin’.