Where do i put a headphone amp in PV 8

Hey guys, hope you can help me out here. where do you guys usually put the headphone amp. I had a Peavey PV 8 and wondering where should I put the headphone amp. I use the tape in and out of the mixer to my sound card. Is that ok to?

Thanks in advance

dean russell:
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You should be able to use your mixer’s auxiliary line out to the headphone amp. If it does not have an aux output, I believe you can use the mixer’s headphone out. If the headphone amp has a line out, or a ‘through’ output, you could use it between your soundcard and mixer.

Using your tape in\out is definitely okay, and is the way most mixer manuals suggest you do it.

Good luck!
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Tony W

Thanks guys. behringer never failed me so far woxnerw, i love their guitar fx and are my main line now maybe i’ll try them out. wynot so its ok to patch it to the headphones amp of my mixer coz mine dont have a line out well… maybe:D . thanks guys both of you!!!

Dean, I just checked the Peavey site, and it says the PV8 mixer has both main outs and control room outputs, as well as the tape out and the headphone out. You should have no trouble using either the main or the control room out for your headphone amp, leaving the other one to send signal to your loudspeakers.

Again, best of luck to you!
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Hey guys, I patched the headphone amp at the main outputs and the dilema is the tape to mix must be switched in order to send the signal. it seems the only solution is the headphone out of the mixer itself. thanks for all your suggestions. :D