Where is the dump file?

I had my first major problem with version 6. Shut down the computer so no auto dump fole was sent. Windows created a dump file - where is that one and would it do flavio any good? Where is the Ntrack dump file - I would check it is I could.

Not sure where it goes now, but it use to go to C:\Documents and Settings</strong>kellycraven\Local Settings\Temp
-Track Studio.dmp
on WinXp, with your logon being where my name is.

Thanks Pooh, but it’s niot there, I still can not locate it. A search for *.dmp lists some files in “Programs” but not anything for Ntrack. Maybe Flavio can tell us?

It depends on what the crash was. If n-Tracks didn’t crash; if something else like the audio or video driver actually did the crashing, then it’s possible and likely that rug was pulled out from under n-Tracks before it could create a crash dump.