Where to find free ocean soundfx samples

Does anyone know where I can find some good quality samples of some simple ocean/coastline type sound effects?

I’ve hunted around the net, and all I’ve been able to find so far is very low quality, short clips. I could use a “nature” sound CD, but I am worried about copyright infringment.

try at

YOu can use the noise generator in a audio editor like COol EdIt PrO to create your own ocean sounds!

It’s funny - I’ve found surf and “seaside” sounds one of the hardest to record convincingly. You can stand there and be really amazed at the complex stereo sound of the surf, but when you record and play back it’s mostly mushy noise.

I think that the ocean/coastline sound is one of those that need to be composited using cliche elements - a basic surf sound, and some sporadic sea gulls for starters.

Which brings me to this toy:

Atmosphere Lite. It’s a freeware version of their audio “environment” generator. It has a Coastline preset that has… surf and gulls (and some annoying boat sounds you can dial out). You can record its output to give you an ambience for your project.