where to put brick wall limiter

Hey all;

I want to throw a brick wall limiter in the master channel to prevent clipping, but I can’t seem to find the right spot. I’m using TLS limiter (which is supposed to stop dead at 0 dB), but I have no trouble making things clip. Where should I put it, in the master channel window, or in the part you have to click on to get at (where the EQ is)? Looking at the signal path chart in the manual, it looks like I should be able to put it in either and crank the master volume without clipping, but that doesn’t seem to work (I’m curious to know why).
Where are you guys putting yours? This is not so much for mastering purposes as it is when I’m mixing so that I don’t kill my soundcard/speakers when I slide the wrong fader.


The way you have it inserted should work.I always leave my master vol @ 0 with my brickwall as the last effect in the chain. I like to bus my tracks and work with one fader for drums, one for instruments and one for vocals. Make sure that if you are using the aux channels that they are set to pre master volume which is the “click on” on the right of each aux up & down slider. You just have to make sure that it is the absolute last thing in the chain. If this doesn’t solve the problem then give a short description of a song setup.
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I’m using TLS limiter (which is supposed to stop dead at 0 dB), but I have no trouble making things clip.

Some audio software considers that 0dB is clipping and will turn the lights on at that point. Try setting the limiter to brickwall at -0.1dB (say) and see if that helps.

Alright thanks a lot guys.

I tried jeromee’s suggestion and it seems to be limiting properly now. The problem was in the aux channel settings, as you suggested. Is it possible though, to somehow place the limiter Post master volume, so that if levels are a little low you can just up the master?

Thanks again

Oh ya, something else I forgot to mention: it doesn’t work when I’ve got the limiter in the always on effect position, only in the last effect in the window. Also, as Pasher mentioned the TLS pocket limiter does set its 0dB point at 0dB, so the master volume dial shows a clip, but the meters at the bottom show 0dB.

I switched to the Classic Master Limiter - its cutoff is -0.2.

Aux returns, depending on their routing, can bypass effects in the master effects insert. Keep that in mind if some things are limiting and others aren’t and you are using and Aux returns. This is switchable for each aux return.