Which dell?

best for N-track

hello everyone,
It’s been a while since my last visit to this forum and need some advice.
my old dell that was running n-track 3.0 is a doorstop and wanted to ask the members for suggestions on what to buy?
I’ve been looking into Dell XPS dektops, as they have become quite reasonable in price, but I’m still not sure as far as a good system to purchase for 'all around use."

Since I need to have Internet, a good suite to compose documents and brochures, AVG anti virus, plus n-track…
I could use some advice on what to buy. Also, I was told Vista consumes a lot of CPU resources…
Thx in advance,

My recent experiences has shown me no Dell is a good Dell. Before you buy, trying reading Dells XPS Desktop User forum: http://www.dellcommunity.com/support…alk_XPS

14 months ago I bought a XPS 410 that ran and still runs like a champ with Vista Home Pre-32 bit. A month ago I took that computer to my buisness and ordered a new XPS 420 with a quad 9450, 4 gig of ram, 750 HD, ATI HD3870 vid card for the studio. The 420 had a ton of issues right out of the box!! Tech support couldn’t fix it & poking around on the net showed I was not alone with my problems. Sent it back and looked at the XPS 630. Problems there as the PCI-E slots are supposed to be v2 speeds but only run at v1. You will find other issues reading thier forum.

Right now, for a prebuilt system I think HP has some better deals, better hardware, and you can get Vista 64 bit preinstalled. Or you can do as I did and build your own. For less then the original cost of the XPS 420 I built a smoker of a system.

For laughs: I called Dells customer care after having enough of tech supports bull to get an RMA# they told me, “We are sorry we can help right now our computer system is down. Please call back in 2-3 hours.” Laughed so hard I damn near wet myself!!