Which electric 12 string?

if you had about 1000 usa dollars?

What would you get if you had about 1000 usa dollars and wanted an electric 12 string, and why? ???

I would get Falcon V4 (flight sim) and a Thrustmaster stick and throttle. I’d buy lots of cigarettes at the reservation with some and keep the rest for horse supplies.

Why? Because with a 12 string I’d have to produce music whereas with the flight game I can just procrastinate! :p

I just got a variax and am having great fun with it. I’d probably get another one with the left over change. They were on sale for $300 (may be still).

I played a 6 string Sigma the other day and was pretty amazed how well it played (maybe it was me!). Don’t know if they make 12’s though.

Seriously…I’d just go to the music store and play 'em. Names don’t mean much anymore (I don’t think). The proof is in the playability and the sound.


Only ones they have at the local guitar satan are schecter and a 1960s Mosrite for some obscene price. I think I will ask them to ship one of the 12 string strats over. What I’d really like, I think, is a RIc 620/12. But that’s sort of out of reach. :(

i just seen a 12 string strat on mf,looked reasonable,i have a 44yr old vox acoustic “folk12” that my buddy gave me a while back,he had it since like 68 and one day while i was in milwaukee visiting he gave it to me,i couldnt believe it,that was his favorite guitar,but he said he wanted to see it played and appreciated,and so it came to me and i havent let him down, that has what looks to me like a burns pickup across the sound hole and tone and volume knobs on face of the ax,this was original and not added afterwards,its gotta great sound and its not for sale,although ive seen one like it on e bay for a lil over 1000.00

I always get nervous about vintage guitars, actually, esp. via ebay. Check out these old vox 12 strings:



And I always find the cheapies tempting, only to be disappointed:


Well, the local Satan got a strat 12 string in - what a mess of a guitar is was too. Neck all awry, and they actually put it out missing a string. The guy tried to convince me that it was no problem (the action was as high as Mt. Everest), but I know a lemon when I see one. It’s the equivalent of what in Detroit we call a “Monday morning car” - referring to when it was made - sometimes also “Friday afternoon cars” as well…


Under a grand I’d probably look at Schecter and Epiphone.

Here’s a Schecter

Buying online without playing is scary. I bought the variax from Sweetwater and when it came the electronics weren’t right. No hastle from them…They sent out another variax and sent a fedx form all filled out and all I had to do was repackage the guitar and call fedx for pickup. All I was out was a little time. Therefore, if you can’t find what you want near you…Sweetwater is at least a safer bet. jus’ my 2 cents.


I had a purple-flake Danelectro electric 12-string guitar a few years back. Cool axe to gaze at and play. Very good Roger (Jim) McGuinn, Byrds-era jangle. The neck’s a bit wider than a Rick, and easier to play in my opinion. For the price it was an excellent deal (paid about $300). Had to sell it for financial reasons. I miss it! Weirdest thing was the “amp in the bag” (a little battery powered amp attached to the gig bag). It also gets stellar reviews on the Harmony Central website. http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews…1 You can usually find one on E-Bay for a very reasonable price.

Hmm. I’ve never associated Danelectro with quality. Mistake on my part?


It’s good for the studio. Personally, I wouldn’t take it on the road. But this forum really isn’t about road work anyway. It ain’t no Rick of course, but what is? Read the reviews at Harmony Central, they are mainly positive and fairly in depth.

Best Of Luck

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 17 2007,16:44)
Well, the local Satan got a strat 12 string in - what a mess of a guitar is was too. Neck all awry, and they actually put it out missing a string. The guy tried to convince me that it was no problem (the action was as high as Mt. Everest), but I know a lemon when I see one.

i could never understand that,,ive seen that too alot through the years,and on all kindsa guitbox's,you cant even play it,how they expect to sell the #### thing,that just reeks of lazy to me,same thing with one guitar to another on musiciansfriend site,a guy i know bought two fender guitars,and one of them was totally whacked,if he wouldnt have had me there to bring it around to adjustment,he wouldnt have been able to play it,the strings were right up against the fretbard,what the?im in buissness and i know if i put out crap i aint gonna be in buissness for long,,,what are they thinkin?

Well, wozz, we know who’s buying the stuff. :D

Jimothy, I found a danelectro that has had the bridge, tuners, and pickups replaced, at a reputable music store not too far from here, for 400 usa dollars. I see they are going for a bit more than 200 on ebay - I figure the upgrades and the fact that I trust these folks make the extra cash worth it. So…thanks you guys for the input. :D

You might want to consider a Carvin AE185. Great quality/price value:



Oddly enough, this guitar is now listed as “sold.” :D

far out man,nice score
call it josi,she’s the pride of the neiborhood!

[/QUOTE]Oddly enough, this guitar is now listed as “sold.”[QUOTE]

Primo Tom! You must have increased your budget substantially for that baby!

Not substantially, actually, the guys at music zoo were selling it for about 250 over the budget, with shipping included…so who needs food anyway?

Thing is, last few years I’ve decided that delayed gratification is a bad thing, 'cause time is getting on and all that shit…but now I checked my life expectancy calculator, and I might have been mistaken…I figure debt helps the economy, right? I mean, it’s a patriotic duty to buy things like this. I’m fighting terrorism.

Seriously, the fenders I tried were subpar, I can’t afford a PRS 12 string, and I really want to avoid buying student models. I hadn’t actually thought about carvin, before I made the purchase, but…well…this guitar kills. And it is shiny jetglo. If I were 20 years younger and not ugly, well, it sure would be useful for something. :)

If you can get your hands on this, go for it. You shoud get one for substancially less than 1000 bucks, but it’s great guitar.

Hagström H12

Is there any debate? A Ric all the way. Ric 12 strings ARE the electric 12 string sound IMO.