Which samper?

Emulator, Dr008, FruityLoops…

I’m thinking about buying a sampler to go along with n and I’m having doubts about what to get.

So far, I’ve been using freeware, Loopaziod and fxpansion DR-005. For that reason, I’m considering Battery and DR-008. Are these good for drums only, or can they be used as regular samplers?

I’have the 1820 system from E-Mu, so I could upgrade to the Emulator-X softsampler for $149. How is its functionality with n-Track these days? I guess its a good sampler, but is it good for drums? I need something that does it all.

Then there is FruityLoops. It has the benefit of adding pattern based sequencing. The Producer edition sells for same as the Emulator-X upgrade, but as I already have n-Track, I might cope with one of the are cheaper versions. I’ve played around with Fruity back in the day and remember liking it. However, does it work in multi-out mode with n-Track? And how good is it as a sampler, can sample pitch be changed and automated or is more of a sample playback device? Are there velocity layers?

I have not seen ComputerMusic anyplace here where I live, so I can’t just get the bundled sampler from that mag. A pity, as money is an issue. :(

Iwont Tell

I have been using EmuX with the latest builds on n-track and it works great as a VSTi. One thing to think about with EmuX is that it supprts a lot of sample formats like Giga and Akai, so you have a bunch of options as far as sample libraries. It works swell either with drums or melodic patches. For the moeny, it is about the best deal out there. The only other suggetion I have is Kontakt. The demo is superb, but the full product is pricey. Thus I stuck with the EmuX.