Which soundcard is best for my needs?

I record on an analog 4-track, but like to do the edits/final mixing on n-track.

I need to be able to tranfser 4 separate tracks at once onto my computer. And don’t want to loose the quality or color the sound of the analog source. I have a basic edirol USB interface already, but it only allows everything to fall on 2 tracks.

I heard M-Audio Delta 1010 LT is good for this.

Try the terratec ews 88 mt. A brilliant card and be picked up for about $150 on ebay see:

Any soundcard with 4 or more channels will do. Also, you can use two Audigy cards and sync them. You can probably do the same with another Edirol card, or just about any card with S/PDIF inputs.

I bet if you tried recording directly into your computer you’d find you get better results in the long run. Yes, you have to learn how not to use a tape recorder as a compressor and do that other ways. 4-track is very limiting, which I know from doing it for many years on my old TASCAM 40-4, an excellent tape unit. And you can record far better fidelity with any decent soundcard. Recording directly into your computer, you can also do much easier retracking, punch-ins (though, you don’t really even use “punch-in” feature, which is an anachronism from tape days), and multiple takes of the same track for comping.

My results are 10 times better than they were using 4-track tape. All you lose moving from tape to digital is a certain kind of (admittedly nice & warm) compressor, due to tape saturation.

The serious high-power golden-eared engineers who talk about the advantages of tape over digital aren’t talking about pro-sumer level recorders that we mortals could afford. And even there, it’s becoming nostalgia rather than equipment of choice: that is, they may pine for analog, but they use digital.