Which Version of N-Track is the best?

most stable, easiest to use…etc

Well, the topic says it all…

I just bought V.5 today and am wondering if I did the right thing. I have owned every version since V.2.

Which is your favorite and why?

Is V.5 the most stable?


Version 5 I’ve never tried, so can’t say anything about it.

Version 4: I downloaded a few builds, but could never avoid BSOD long enough to evaluate it.

But until I bit the bullet and bought SAW, n 3.3 1516 was my sequencer of choice. Fast to load, good workflow, friendly to use, and although there were a few things I could do to crash it, I soon learned them and didn’t do those things.

And the icon for that is still there on my desktop. There’s a few old n-track projects I never finished but still tinker with, so on occasion, good old 3.3 still does it for me. :)


I’m a Reaper man now. n just don’t work well here anymore…

I think V4 Build 1856 was the last build that worked well here. I’m still hoping…


Version 5 is much better than 4 (IMO).

Easier to swith between MIDI Piano and Timline.

Easier link between N-Track Drums and MIDI (Trying to get N-Track Drums to work on Version 4 probably took 6 years off my life)…

Anyway, I’m very, very pleased w/ version 5, and I doubt I’ll upgrade, unless build 6 comes w/ a virtual Paul Stanley vocal application. lol :D

Version 5 build 2275 is working perfectly for me. I’ve run it on Intel and AMD and both had no problems. I ended up going to the AMD as the computer of choice because it seems to handle the hardware better.
So, my choices would be versio 3.3 or version 5.
Unfortunately, version 4 burned some bridges for Flavio with some of the folks who had used Ntrack for years. It’s a shame they don’t try the new version as MST and Reaper both seemed limited to me and I have No stability problems since I started with build 2275 - as with any software, here’s hopin’ it stays that way.

I’ve found v5 to be pretty darn stable and a joy to work in. I have yet to acheive 100% stability with any DAW, and so I’m a big fan of the save button. Though life seems to be considerably better since I’ve upgraded to a 21st century soundcard. :)

I like to take the AND approach to Reaper and N-Track, instead of OR. They both have their strengths. There are things you can do in each that you can’t do (or do easily) in the other. So I work in both. You can buy both of them for less than the lightweight version of the big players’ software (which I still haven’t figured out how to do anything in yet). One of these days I’ll get around to trying to Rewire them together and see how well that works :wink:

Anyway, I digress. I think v5 is by far the most stable, easy to work in, and there are tons of new features available in it to boot.

4.04 build 1811 which is pre .net is the most stable for me.

I have been using Samplitude SE for about a year now, as I was fed up with the troubles I had using n-Track v. 4.x with various VST effects - notably SIR. I got far too much latency, and didn’t find a cure, but Samplitude SE worked out-of-the-box, so I have only kept n-Track 4.x for finishing projects up in, and for things that I knew it did well, like plain recording and mixing.

I have, however, been lurking in the forum all the time, following the progress of n-Track build by build, so to speak, waiting for the right moment to get back to it eventually.

It seems like that time is approaching faster now…

Some things annoy me with Samplitude SE as well, like some VST plug-ins don’t work - period. No possibility to rename wave files after recording, weird crashes when doing a time-stretch (internal effect in Samplitude, BTW, hint, hint). The SE version only allows for eight simultaneous recording tracks.

Otherwise, Samplitude SE has a lot of features to boast, some of which only recently found its way into n-Track, like the keyboard entering of fader levels and sample-accurate editing. Besides that, Samplitude SE has a really tiny process footprint, being really fast and reliable for everyday uses, and its proprietary sound engine stands out when recording or mixing.

I an in the process of building myself a brand new studio in a dedicated room in our new apartment (still recovering from the shock of experiencing the prices on proper soundproofing), and when I get down to it I will probably return to n-Track, at least as a good alternative to Samplitude SE. I also use Cubase SE, Midi Orchestrator Plus, Ouverture, Cool Edit, Audacity and a lot of other programs for music production.

regards, Nils

Hey, I also bought N-Track 5 the other day (exactly: 05/25/2007) but i haven´t received my registration codes yet. How long does it usually take?
I paid per PayPal.

Hi ToniToronto:
You should have them by now… Something doesn’t sound right… Could be you may have your codes received but in your junk mail folder… Make sure your mail filters are not overly secure… Cause that has been known to happen to some of the users…

I use a credit card and it seems to work with no issues… The codes come out in a matter of moments… Don’t wait too long before you look into this… Follow through with the PayPal search and keep on top of IT…


i can definitly say that the codes are not in my junk mail folder. they are nowhere :( :(
I already wrote a email to info@ntrack.com.
I looked in my PayPal account again but everything´s okay there. It says that the 62$ have been send to Flavio.

****, i thought everything would work out just fine :angry:

Hi Again ToniToronto:
It would have been nice for you to have had those codes and you’d be tracking over the weekend-and-all… I know you’ll get them and all will be fine.

I ordered a plug-in a while back with my card and no reg. codes came… I sent some mail over to the the re-seller only to get no reply from them. I phoned over and got the supervisor who happened to be working the call center that day… I explained to her my issue and I got the the codes in my mail about a minute later. I generally deal with my Prime Mail address… But before we closed the phone conversation I gave her my msn and yahoo address and the codes came there, also…

Thirty years ago there was no such thing as an E-Mail address to the average person… I never even had a credit card till a few ears ago… I remember putting a cheque in an envelope and licking a stamp and putting it in the mailbox, down at the end of the street… I don’t remember when I last did that…


I had my codes for registration literally within minutes of paying for the N-Track V.5 upgrade… something doesn’t sound right. I’d check on it like Woxnerw advised.

awesome, flavio just sent me the codes again.

now i´m happy :D

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After a version upgrade to 4.something or other, I stopped using it because of the following problems (if my memory serves me)

1.Quirkiness recording at higher sample rate and bit depth with ASIO drivers
2.Recorded tracks playing back out of sync…having to offset them to correct it
3.Having to shut the program down without saving due to an error
4.Saves sometimes didn’t "take"
5.Wasn’t able to figure out if I could use Virtual instruments like “Trilogy” and quantize them to the beat.
6.Hung up with minimal effects and tracks

Unfortunately, uninstalling and reinstalling an older version didn’t solve the problems.

I replaced it with Sonar HS2, which I’m not really all that crazy about. It’s more stable than N-Track, but I don’t enjoy using it as much.

I’ve been a diehard n-Track user since 3.3. I even did OK with version 4 (build 1811). I know that a lot of other people had disasters with V4 but the program has always worked for me.

I’m now using V5 build 2309 (I think) and I like the new features but it does seem to consume more CPU resources than version 4. It’s quite stable until I get my CPU usage up around 85% and then things go to hell. I’m using an Athlon 1600.

In all fairness I just got PSP Vintage Warmer which seems to be a resource hog and I’m mixing projects with 25+ tracks with one or two plugins on at least 18 of those tracks plus some eq on pretty much everything. When things get dicey I freeze a couple of tracks and I’m OK again.

I’m now assembling the parts for a new system. I’m going to go with an AMD dual core 6000 which should alleviate my CPU problems.

I don’t normally gush about software but n-Track has been an incredible program for me. I’ve used it for 5 or 6 years now and everytime I’ve tried something else (Tracktion, Reaper) I end up back with good 'ole n. It’s straightforward and it does everything I need it to do. And, knock on wood, I’ve never had stability problems.

Quote: (bax3 @ May 18 2007, 12:44 PM)

Reaper both seemed limited to me

Huh? I have never heard that one before. In any event, I jumped to the Reaper ship myself. N version 4 was crashy at best and v5 was crashy and a recourse pig.


I’ve said it before. The “Golden Age” of NTrack for me was v3.3 I have tried the other versions but always came back to it. V5 is heading in the right direction but I think it has a way to go yet.