which way to turn


im on the hunt for a new soundcard once again,and i been looking at the ones that n track recomends,deltas,emu’s,etc,
i see some have eefects,some have break out box’s,some have 2 pci cards,some go usb,this is whacked tryin to decide
if anyone can put theyre 2 cents in id appreciate it,
thanks :D

Firewire has the both advantage: you can carry it and plug it on any pc, like usb2, and has a good performance, like pci cards.
At least that is i heard… :;):

that seems to be the ticket,with pre amps too ,and then the headphone outs,

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Mac OS X Core Audio / Core MIDI

does this mean it dosent have or wont work with wdm drivers????
this is the firewire 410

I’m pretty sure M-Audio’s driver has WDM compatibilty. They have a good rep with ASIO. I’d probably use the ASIO driver myself.


i’ve got an M-Audio USB Audiophile audio interface. Definitely WDM compatible - that is what I am using now. With my interface ASIO is probably better if I’m doing midi, but maybe a little less latency if just tracking audio when using WDM.


does the usb audiophile have the pre’s in it too,like the 410,or the 18 14 t springer?

is it any better goin usb then pci,i would like the eefex,but i dont know if i care for a 2 card system,i like the breakout box kinda thing too,the headphone out with volume level is cool i think,and having pre’s would mean no mixer need’d then,am i correct,?mixer bein used as pre’s as i do now,

How many ins and outs do you need?
What is your main interest midi or audio?
In my experiance Wdm drivers are the way to go if you are just using audio tracking. If you need very low latency as in soft synths or realtime f/x then asio is better.
Beware as I have found that some cards (Emu for example) have mult ins and outs with asio but not with Wdm for whatever reason. Checkout the website of which ever you choose very carefuly because they don’t always tell everything up front. And check out forums and news groups for the up and downsides of whatever you buy.
M-audio and Echo have good reps. the Delta 1010lt especialy. For the price.

I have a Delta 1010 and a Delta 66. I can recommend both of these cards - they have been solid. I use WDM drivers and this combination seems to be a good fit for n-Track. I just haven’t had the stability problems that several people report and I think that the Delta cards are one reason.

If you go with the 1010 and can swing the extra $ I would recommend that you go with the full 1010 (not the LT) so you get the external box. It is really handy and a little quieter than the LT model.

Hi,My feeling is that PCI is likely to give you the least problematic solution. I’ve got a Delta 1010 as well and get very stable results with an old version of n-track (2.0) and mme drivers. We got a new Motu 828 for work so I borrowed it before it was installed to try it out (on a different computer to my music one) and I had problems.
This isn’t to say the Motu is bad just that with my combination of components I had problems.
If you need a portable device go for a firewire option, if you don’t stick with a PCI one.


Quote (wozz @ Sep. 22 2006,22:32)
does the usb audiophile have the pre's in it too,like the 410,or the 18 14 t springer?

There are no preamps in the M-audio audiophile USB. I use a mixer in front of it.


am i right thinkin that the cards pre’s would be cleaner then my mixers? does the delta have pres too,i cant remember,but im thinkin that its tween the 10 10 and the firewire,does the delta 1010 have the headphones out too?i can run heads out of my mixer like im doin now also,


I don’t think that you can generalize to say that the preamps on a cards will be cleaner than the pre-amps of a mixer. A good mixer will have better pres than a cheap card. I think that the decision has more to do with other things like convenience and cost. I like using a mixer because it lets me use a hardware compressor as in insert. Also, I have low-Z and high-Z inputs on every channel, and a 20 dB pad on each channel to tame too-hot inputs. Your card might not have all of these features. But then again, you might not need or use these features.