White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny

Newt got divorced.

You know what “morals” they are concerned about? Why, the ones that get them elected of course. REAL morals? If they had those they would not be where they are eh?


Lets see Real republican morals…hmmmm: destroy the environment, spend 200+billiion dolllars to kill over a hundred thousand people for no reason other than oil and ego. take a 2 trillion surplus and spend another 3 trillion for a 5 trillion bill to our children. support for a fake news agency that supports porno web sites by it’s fake journalist!When just think if we had spent that money here at home…no Soc. Sec problem so we wouldn’t be trying to sell it to wall street. health care for the millions of unprotected children. Medicare for our parents and some of us, school funding to hire more teachers and get out of the 30+kids per class syndrome so more than babysitting can happen. These are the real moral questions before us. just think…hmmmm methinks morals belong in the home and not in some legislation that will be written so vague that any interpretation can be had for the likes of a cheap lawyer.


btw gtr4hm I respect your views, just disagree…I suppose you are a born again christian by your handle…guess what so am I. Ever get to Creation fest? Or heard of it?

I think you read me wrong cruiser. We probably agree on more than you think. I try not to pander to the “Left” OR “Right” of politics. There is only one opposite of my definition of Right and it does not have a thing to do with direction or political party affiliation. Right <> Wrong.

Creation Fest? I don’t think I’ve heard of it although the name sounds familiar. Wazzup with Creation Fest?



Oh god, not another one. :(

Let’s just hope he’s smart enough this time to put The Tree on the other side of the planet, surrounded by barbed wire, and a big sign saying “beware crocodiles!”

Anyway TG and Cruise, as a non born again Christian, (not even the first time :( ), but as a reader of both your posts, I can say that you’re both on the same wavelength, and the blessings of, …whoever…, go with you both. :D


Hmmm…thanks Ali. I’ll take all the blessings I can get! Been getting a lot today too…Ah…Ah…CHOOO!..“Bless you!” Wife has done gone and passed her cold/flu bug on to me. Been trying to blow my brains out all day. I did not know it was humanly possible to lose so much fluid through your NOSE, and not die! Sheesh…oh well…it will pass…

Blessings to you as well, oh Great Ali of Nergleness! :D


just goto www.creationfest.com 4 days and over 50 bands and 25000 people. It’s a hoot and a bunch of good positive R&R that loses nothing to secular R&R. one in the East and one in the West at George, Washington on the Columbia River gorge.
Thanks Nergle and blessings to you and yours…

Thanks Cruiser!

That does indeed sound like a blast. Alas, either of the festivals is a LOOOONNNNGG way from Alabammy…