Who do you like for 2008?

Hi guys,
Been looking over the heated (that’s an understatement) debates that have been posted in this forum, so this topic is sure to stir some stuff up. I think I’ll be going with Jesse Ventura for '08. Ventura is the only man who can truly unite our divided nation. He is an outspoken liberal on social issues, which makes him appealing to Democrats. But he also is rich, served in the military, and likes to hunt, which makes him appealing to Republicans. Who do you like for 2008?

slaps forehead

I thought we had nearly heard the last of this crap for the next 4 years…

Sorry to dissappoint you Willy, but in case you haven’t been paying attention recently, we’ve got four more years of this crap.

I’m ready to give a woman a shot…not necessarily meaning Hillary either! Just someone with some sanity!!!
Cheers ???

Right on, we are about due for a woman prez. Not Hilary though, I agree.

How 'bout a third term for Dubya???

How 'bout a viable third party?

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How 'bout a viable third party?



Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing. They don’t want a third party spoiling the balance and will do anything to keep that from happening. In 1996, I thought Libertarians were gonna be the next big thing and even voted for Harry Browne for President. But here we are eight years later and they have yet to make the smallest of dents in our government. A third party is a great idea in theory, but any viable group is gonna have to be able to offer us something the other ones can’t. They are also gonna have to have some powerful and influential people backing them. Show me any third party that can do this and I will gladly sign up. It’s just a dream for now though. :(

I think a third party has to start in the congressional level to show they can play the game and not just try to spoil it…and there in lies the quote “we have met the enemy and they are us”. Nader has done more now to squash the third party idea than he has to further it’s goals. They now look like just another bunch of egoists tryin to feed at the trough.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s a shame what Nader has turned into. He used to be a great man with great ideas.