Who does this singer remind you of?

We Are Scientists


I’ve heard that “Sound”… I’m unable to put my finger on it… If you elude to what you’re refering to I’ll nod… It the moment it doesn’t pop right out…


Reminds me of Craig. :agree:

Quote: (Yaz @ Aug. 19 2009, 5:57 AM)

Reminds me of Craig.

A bit... but yeah.

On that first tune that comes up, he's really wanking the "Ozzy" effect... too much...

:cool: Kind of reminds me a little of William Shatner.

A little like TommyS

This is the band I heard on our local college radio a while back that reminded me of TomS - I could have swore he had hit the college market!
The song was “After Hours”…

I sent them an email with a like to TomS’s soundclick page - who knows… there’s much better songs on Tom’s page than theirs - IMHO. :agree:

You win the prize Levi.

:) Thx! :agree:

This is not as crisp and ‘jaunty’ as Toms music, the harmonies are dragging a little, kinda messy if you ask me, which you didn’t, but i’m saying it anyhoo

I hear the likeness but i likes tom better x

My first impressions was… it’s very natural sounding… not acted out… so-to-speak… I didn’t want to be smart by saying… BUT… I agree with Yaz… on his reply…

Tom S Poppa Willis and Ange comes across like that as well as others up here on this Board…

The more music you create the more natural you become at getting your ideas across… Well…


Except I just got compared to William Shatner.


Yep, looks just like me.


Man I'm just off to work...I'll have to listen later on this.
There were some tunes out here a while back that were dead ringers for Tom...and also a couple that I HONESTLY thought were Nixon....I'll have to try and find em.

should’o seen this one comin’

I’m personally a huge Frodo fan.

Sorry to use you like that Thomas! :laugh: nice work phoo

Sounds like the harmonies from “Dada” (the guys who sang “I’m going to DizneyLand”). Also sounds a bit like Green Day.