Who is this?



Well, the guy in the right has major problems; skiing with hammers on your feet is a big no-no.

The one in the middle is obviously Drew Carey.

Don’t know the one on the left, except, he plays a mean oboe!

Sorry, bassoon, not oboe.

I always get those different types of harmonicas messed up. :(

Probably it’s me, for being intrigued enough to dig up the words from a dictionary. :p

(fei2 chun3 in pinyin transliteration, translates something like “fat fool”)

Fat Fool? Hey now, I resemble that remark, LOL :D

Mwah, I’m totally impressed. :)


Actually I’m a bit ashamed because my active Chinese vocabulary consists only a few words. Chinese is, as we all know, the language with the most speakers in the world. And with a huge margin… besides, it’s one of the most important cultural languages in the planet’s history.

(But then, I have learned to use Chinese language dictionaries, which takes some time… and I own a couple of them ??? )

Mwah, how does that work ?

I mean in a ‘normal’ (ie words with letters, not pictures) dictionary you start down the alphabet, even if the word doesn’t look familiar at all.

Do chinese characters have the same type of ‘order’ ?

In my mind English to Chinese should be easy, cause you can look for the english word and then start working from there, but how the ohio do you start looking for a symbol ?
(How many are there?)

I’m just as impressed.


WHOO BABY! Mwah!!! Great Job!

I’m very impressed as well – I figured someone in our international crowd would hit the nail on the head, but to find it this fast is very cool.

(It helps to work in a very international day job - I’d never come up with this on my own.)

The actual translation as was give to me is “Fat and Stupid”, but I can see that "Fat Fool’ fits the bill nicely and would also be a totally correct translation. The pronunciation is the same as well.

Travelling guy obviously has taken a few Rorschac (sp?) tests! :D


So, phoo, how did this come up?


Quote (phoo @ Oct. 17 2005,12:10)

Trolls speak Mandarin Phoo? I thought it was Norwegian? ???

You're perfectly correct TG, and I must confess, the examiners were very reluctant to allow me near sharp objects, or even back out onto the public streets afterwards. :(

Luckily, we're now parked near Lourdes, so they might be able to do something for me. :D

How would being parked near Lourdes help?

Someday you’ll have to give us the full version of your travels, PFFD,G. :)

I didn’t expect this troll to get it. It was a pure unadulterated insult. I believe this troll speaks American.

I still think the one in the middle is Drew Carey. :(

Quote (TomS @ Oct. 17 2005,14:28)
How would being parked near Lourdes help?

Someday you'll have to give us the full version of your travels, PFFD,G. :)

I've never seen so many crippled Catholics in my life Tom. I only wish I had the Vatican wheelchair franchise. :(

But the amazing thing is, especially to an atheist like me, is that after visiting the grotto, many of them get out of their wheelchairs and walk!

Some of them manage almost three or four feet before collapsing unconscious in an inert heap.

(I also wish I had the Vatican stretcher franchise. :( )

Ali, Nergle, Sceptic, T. Guy et al… Good to hear from you dude! How’s the “better half” getting on these days? Yep. We need full report on your road trip someday…

God Bless! (Well, in your case… A deity which may or may not exist Bless!)