Who TomS reminds me off

Can you name the band?

Same tremolo inflections on the held noted at the end of line lyric as TomS.

I heard them on the local college stations last year and was struck by the vocal similarities. Took me months to find them but alas I did.

I’m gonna dig into their stuff and see if TomS should send them some tunes or not. I like 'em!
New to me anyway - you guys might recognize them right off.

Yes I can…but I’m not telling…it’s almost a trick question.

i don’t know yet, but it’s missing tom’s harmonies big time.

Just listened to the guys ‘old stuff’ - each one just sounds like a new TomS song.


Plenty of harmonies on their other tunes.

“Breath In” is the only tune of his I’ve ever heard out and about.

plenty of harmonies does not necessarily equal tom’s harmonies. enya has plenty of harmonies too.

I could definitely hear Tom S singing Breathe In also.

His ‘new band’ is Golden State.

Tom’s lyrics and signature licks put him way ahead of the guy in my book.

I think Tom’s mixing skills are far better! :)

And TommyS says he’s doing nothing new! :laugh:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 09 2009, 11:53 AM)

His 'new band' is Golden State.

Tom's lyrics and signature licks put him way ahead of the guy in my book.

Agreed :agree:


Hey…I wrote a song called “breathe in, breathe out”…

Well, it wasnt’ this one.

I dunno guys, that stuff is right up my alley, but is objectively much better than anything I’ve done recently.

now back in the late 1980s…that’s a different story…

Anyway, see what happens when I can’t get to a computer for a couple of days?