Who will be the next President of the USA?

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Which one will it be??

I voted for Hillary.

1) It will give Rush something distructive to do for the next four to eight years.
2) It will give Republicans yet another Clinton to rake over the coals, thereby diverting their attention from any attempts to actually participate in real government running.
3) We know what we’ll be getting and it starts with B.
4) We’ll get a chance to see what she does with or to Bill when they get back in the White House.
4) Since there were only two choices in this poll I flipped a coin and tails lost.
5) There is no fifth since I stopped drinking.
6) That may change if she really wins.


You’re way too soon.

President Al Gore will resume his duties.


Not enough choices Jason. I feel the US population is way too immature to vote for either a woman or an African American as president. I would love to see President Al Gore and Vice President Ralph Nader in the white house. Of course, the Democrats would never allow Nader as vice president… but I can dream can’t I? :)


Ronald Reagan!

Ok, in many ways he was a bad president last time around, but I think he was basically a good person.

And yeah, Ok, he’s dead, but let’s look on the plus side of that.

And as his running mate, another poor president but dead good guy; Jimmy Carter. (Ok, he’s not quite dead, but near enough for all practical considerations. :) )

And in the UK I’m going to nominate Benjamin Disraeli, a bad person, but a good prime minister, and most important, dead. (Anyway, it’s a demonstrable fact that some dead Jews at least can be very effective! :D)

So, a whole plethora of dead leaders, just think about it.

We’d have to take responsibility for our own actions, our own thoughts. No one to blame, no one to depend on… just us.

It’s time to grow up humanity! Elect your dead leaders today! :)

Sorry, forget all that.

I’ve just realised that dead people (Jesus, Mohammed, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, etc.,) have more ability to cloud the mind of humanity that any living being.

So, back to the drawing board. :(

Ok! I’ve got it!

We elect dead goats as leaders! :laugh:

I cast a vote for Gore/Nader


Quote (teryeah @ Mar. 22 2007,13:53)

I'd vote for that but I would want them to appoint The Yaz "Kill'em all and let God sort 'em out!" Meister for National Security Advisor. :p LOL.

Just kiddin' Yaz ol' bean. (For all you others... a little Southern Humor there...)


Just for that (not that LJ would make a bad public servant, but I certainly would), I nominate Teryeah/Diogenes.

Phoo for President! Haven’t we been here before???

Phoo if you get elected, I want the Homeland Security position :laugh:

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 22 2007,14:51)
Just for that (not that LJ would make a bad public servant, but I certainly would), I nominate Teryeah/Diogenes.

HAH! That'd turn your world upside down. We'd get rid of any & all bulshitters (at least those we could detect - cough) in an instant & replace them with honest a*sholes.

You guys would never be able to handle it. We wouldn't neither :laugh:

Anyway, we'd NEVER hire Mike for anything more prestigious than City Dog Catcher :cool:


replace them with honest asholes.

Sigh THAT’S the overriding problem… FINDING honest aholes… at least any who are in the “political” realm. You can safely say they are just a*holes…


PS I dunno Teryeah… we may be able to create an official US government sanctioned “Neil Young Impersonators Guild” or summat and appoint Mike the big cheese. Lord knows the idiots we have in office have pissed away good money on less worthy stuff…

TomS/learjeff would make a great running team, they’d get my vote.

Diogenes, yer gonna make people think we is crazy down south, LOL.
D gets my vote for transportation advisor. :D
I think I would be best at sanitation advisor, an Out House in every yard! :p

Hrm. I’d be annoyed, 'cause LearJeff would be right most of the time.

How about we run as a team - a multiple-headed president - think of the ability to fundraise if the pres could be in 8 or 9 places at the same time.

We have a multiple headed president. He is bull headed, a butt head and a dic* head. How many more heads of state do you want?

Seriously, however - Bill Richardson. I bet you guys all a round of root beers.

Nader would be an interesting choice, but I doubt it will happen.

Hillary won’t let Obama get the nomination, and she’s percieved as to “Bitchy” to her opponents.

Gore is seen as a “nut-job” by his opponents.

Find someone better, or get ready from anohter Republican.

/####, did I just post in a political thread?!? somebody shoot me!