Why Do All My Mixes Always Come Out Quiet?!

ive been making my own music for a good couple of years now, but always seems to come out quiet compared to proper studio produced music. this is my latest song:
which once again is pretty quiet. i rele dnt no why that is, as if i was to turn up the all the music, it will distort. it does in places anyway, but dnt want to have to turn the volume down even more.
does anyone know why it always comes out quiet, and if there is any way i can make it louder without it distorting?
any ideas as to how i can improve this tunes mix wud also be appreciated.

i like your tunes btw

i would suggest to apply a limiter plugin to your overal mix.

you could also insert an eq to make it a little more punchy or warmer…then add a multiband compressor then add the limiter to increase the perceived loudness.

be sure to watch the gain levels each time a plugin is inserted.

good luck :slight_smile:

he mate, ill give this a go, do u no of any limiter plugins that i can look for? im just bout to av a go on google to see wot i can find.
cheers for the reply.

Hi there,

I’d just like to comment that I like Endorphin very much.
It’s free, it has a stonewall limiter, and it also functions as a compressor.
After putting endorphin in the master channel, put in inspector, or some other plugin that shows the RMS level of the music, and try to bring it up to the level you desire, probably between -10 and -4.
Inspector is also free I believe.

Hope this helps, I use these two on every song lately.


Its pretty good…i like the simplicity and yet the sound of the compressor and limiter.

good luck

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