Why Do I Hear The Snare Drum

Hi, I’m new to the forum.
Used N-track about 4 years ago and have recently come back to it.

When I’m adding a new instrument channel (drums) and I just add the kick drum (following steps from tutorial), when I click play I not only hear the kick drums but also a snare hit as well.
No snare has been added or clicked on.

Why is this?


Edit: I figured it out. I had the metronome on. :angry:

Well welcome to the forum ! None of us has ever done anything like that!

You’re among friends.


.... I bet....

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 19 2009, 11:37 PM)

Well welcome to the forum ! None of us has ever done anything like that!

You're among friends.

??? What? :agree: :disagree: :handshake:

Here’s my dumb move of the week… I went to set up a friends new Tascam interface. Installed the drivers and all, hard wired everything in and out perfectly, put her headphones on -
hit record to test it all out. Nice meter action no sound. Hmmm… stopped recording - hit playback. Again nice meters - no audio. Went through everything to double check - ran routine - nada… triple checked … zip. All this time she’s at her keyboard chompin’ at the bit to record something! Anything! and I’m stumped! This felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes (I’ll give myself the benefit of doubt here) but it felt like all afternoon. I had every volume control maxed out and finally heard a faint signal. I feel her tapping me on the shoulder… I take off the headphones ready to let her down, when she says “Oh, I forgot to tell you those headphones have thumb volume controls and I keep them turned down.” DUH!..
Yes, I did remember to turn everything down before I turned the headphone volume up.


When I'm tracking vocals, my phones (AKG 240 with loose plastic, hi TomS) are fed from a Nad amp. Since the cans are leaking I used to turn down the treble on the amp to minimize the mice-band sound going into the LD mic (NTK, hi TomS). After I was done tracking I just pushed the tone defeat button on the amp to undo the high end roll-off.

Guess who one morning couldn't for the life of him understand why the mix, in fact EVerything, sounded so dang muffled

What about hustling into the gig… setting up the POD XT power supply, patch it into the system, plug the earbuds into the monitor system etc…

"Hey! FOH dude. I got no sound here!? What’s wrong? You got me muted?"

FOH guy takes a few seconds to look over the board… then… runs up to the stage and plugs in the guitar cable still hanging looped through the strap… He walks away muttering something about "Stupid musicians… mmmmrf… hrmph…"

I’ve done that TWICE since the holidays. ???

Oh well… lotsa stress around here lately. At least that’s the excuse I’m using…


I was a split second away from a like deal D - when I happen to instintively reach down and pinky up my volume knob. 'nother duh!