Why do Mondays

Suck so bad?

The older I get the more I hate Mondays. Start the new work week.
I’m getting to the point of extended weekends. Extended about 52 weeks a year!

‘An Already Tired Yaz’

My partner hit the nail on the head I think. It is three days of crap piled up for you to deal with in one day. Everyone gets their arses out of Dodge on Friday and don’t follow through with stuff, no one is around Sat and Sun, so it all gets dumped on you bright and early Monday.

Chip, that makes sense !

Mondays do suck.


When you work for a place thats runs 24/7/365, you get even more CRAP piled up and waiting for you on Monday morning. Especially when certain shifts are on duty for the weekend. They er… shall we say, are not as “efficient” as their other shift brethren. Geez, that’s too polite… some shifts SUCK! There. That’s better! :D


I love Mondays, I love my job, I love giving up my freedom and selling my labor to others on their terms, I love spending time away from my family and home, and finallyl I love not spending time playing music…


Practicing for political service Tom? Those are some pretty good “yarns” you spun there… and with a smile too!


Mondays are great!

And here is the secret:

(1) Retire early on a disability pension.

(2) Burn your house down.

(3) Buy a motor-home, then head south. (A wee tip, don’t try following the migrating swallows, perching a Motor home on those telegraph wires is a right pain in the arse! :( )

Do all those things, and Monday is then as relaxed and pleasant as every other day of the week. :D

Can’t wait to get to Andalusia and experience the Flamingo music, I thought I’d dye my Strat pink so that I fit in. (Stoopid spell checker! LOL).

Quote (gtr4him @ Oct. 17 2005,10:16)
Practicing for political service Tom? Those are some pretty good "yarns" you spun there... and with a smile too!


Sure! Also: I will cut taxes, stimulate the economy, and cut the deficit at the same time, all while stopping violence by killing a bunch of people and making religious martyrs out of them!

Really! :p

OK monday is over, and it didn’t totally suck, it sucked even more than totally!!!

Bubba that is why mondays suck for sure!

Tom I’ll vote for if ya make musicians highest payed peoples on earth!

For me, the worst days of the week are the days that the “students that never practice” come in for a lesson. Mondays aren’t bad at all.

Try thinking of Monday as being “HUMP DAY”… instead of Wednesday… See if that works better… :p


Do like me… Live in a country where the 1st day of the working week is Sunday, Mondays don’t seem so bad…

Er!..Why do Sundays suck?


Sorry, had to say it. don’t really mean it. :)

Yes you did… :O :D

Admit it… :p It’s the day we should reflect on the past week and how we can make the comming week a positive expirence… Looking to the comming week in a negitive view adds to the “Weight-on-the-Shoulders”… ???

I’m discovering that, as the years go by, time happens at a faster pace… Just where did that last week go? ???


Oh, I know why Sundays suck… I have always hated Sundays. Sundays are like the day before major surgery. The anticipation of Monday is the culprit.

So true Bubba!

I’m not worrying where the week went Bill, I’m wondering where the weekend went! As far as looking at the coming week in a positive view, I’ve tried that. I still have to work with a bunch of Dickheads, so positive thinking only turns into mass let downs. Nevermind, I’ve been in a funk since Dad passed, haven’t picked a guitar up since March, have no desire to do so either. No music in my life really puts me in a really bad funk. Think I’ll sell all my Pauls and Tele, shave my head, and walk backwards for thenext decade.

Yaz :(

I hear you Yaz.

I so look forward to the comming weekend, promising myself that I’ll try to be more productive and not waste the weekend like I did, last weekend.

And then, the weekend screems by so fast that I don’t just know where the hours went… So, then I say, O.K. Lets look forward to the next weekend and I’ll try harder not to see it slip by… Mabey, I’ll make some notes to myself and make a list of Things-to-Do… :p

That’ll be sure to make me feel bad, when I review the list on Mondays.

I look forward to Mondays… I like my driver, and the job I do… However, my driver is on the verge of retiring… It could happen by the end of the year… I know, when the snow flies, I’ll have a different opinion of going to work on Mondays, or for any other day of the week, for that matter… We’ll see.