why does ntrack suck so much?

i dunno, maybe its just me

please dont be offended by the title…

but it seems like everything about this program just doesnt work right…

loading a vsti and previewing it is a chore!!!

and then the buffer sizes… why doesnt it just use the ASIO buffer just like … FLstudio, SAmplitude, Reaper, i dunno, every otherprogram…

Perhaps i just have NO IDEA what im going.

I hope that is the case.

Hello Jason,

I recognise your name from the Reaper forum.

Can you be a bit more specific about your problems. There are many happy users here that would be glad to help.

Sometimes just the different workflow of software can make things seem like a chore if we are used to one way of doing something. I found that, for example, some things are a chore in Reaper that are easy in n-Track. All software has strong and weak points; it’s just a case of finding out which tool works best for the job and then working with the strengths and weaknesses.


Specifically, its using vsti instruments. I have an EMU1820m and a firepod. How do i get low latency usage to preview them with my midi keyboard? I get pops and clicks all over the place…

Im sorry for saying it sucks btw…

just was REALLY frustrated. I wanted to give ntraack another try :)


If you use ASIO drivers, then I believe they are controlled externally to n-track, using the utility that comes with your soundcard. The n-track buffer settings are for use when using WDM drivers. To find which works best, it’s just a case of trying both options and seeing which works best.

You’ll need the “Live” button depressed as well.

Check out WikiLink1 and WikiLink2 for further details.

Best of luck
Ta John