Why must I adjust the offset?

Offset is always wrong on imported .wav

I am using an older version of n-Track and, in fact, I don’t know the version off hand. Never the less, here’s the scenario:

I record a track, then I want to duplicate that track so that I have two copies of the track in the song. I want to keep the original, unadulterated, and mess with the copy. I use “move/copy” to copy the track. What happens is that the original is renamed and the copy lies somewhere outside the program and must be imported. Invariably, when I import the copy I have to tinker with the offset to make it match the original.

Why is that?

Has that been corrected in a later version of n-Track?

Is there a better way to duplicate a track?


Does the version you have there have the “Clone track” feature? If not, you have quite an old version (2.x maybe). The cloning of the track is the tool to use for what you describe that you want to do.


Thanks, Paul; I’ll check that out.

Hey daverme, did you get it to work the way you wanted?