vanishing wave files

For some strange reason after I save a song and close Ntracks, at least one wave file has shrunken down to were I can only see a very small section of the file. I have to go thru a process of enlarging all files then dragging the shrunken file back out to it original length. I have the latest build but I can not figure out what the problem is.

I think someone else had this problem recently.

Have a search back through the forum… or maybe someone will remember what the solution was.

or maybe I’ll search back through the forum…


EDIT: Fixed above link

Mark A thanks. I remember someone else posting something similar before I started having this issue. I did a search but could not find it. I will try to save the sng file under a different name to see what happens. If that fails I will open a new project and import the wave files. If that fails I will just settles for having to extend the file everytime I open a song. At least at the present only one file per song shrinks.


I did a search but could not find it.

Yeah, it’s really dependent on being able to remember some of the words that were used in the particular posts or the post titles.

Let us know how you get on.

I recently had a problem where anytime I would apply EQ changes or compression to my bass track, the .wav file would disappear from the timeline. I think I finally fixed it be creating a new .sng file and importing all the .wav files again. Haven’t had any trouble since then.