18 tracks out of 1???

Ok. In all my years of using recording software, I have never seen anything like this one.

I just bought N and started setting up for a new song. Created a midi track, brought up a VSTi. Everything was extreemly easy.

I hit record and, out of nowhere, 18 other tracks are automatically created and instantly go into record mode.

Am I missing something? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


preferences/options - untick auto add channels when live button pressed -

toolbar rec/playback meter icons -

hammer at bottom of recording VU meter, select how many input channels you want to use -

hammer at bottom of playback VU meter - same for outputs -

Dr J

Well, I must say, I’m usually pretty good at getting through things like this with few issues but I tried all you listed here and it kinda works but any time I open up inputs to record, it adds that many tracks to what I have already setup.

I’m wishing I had treid this before I spent $70 (which isn’t that much I know). Thanx for trying though. Unless you have another idea, I think this is one of the differences between spending more for the software. Cubase was simple for me right out of the box. It’s is a bit more intuitive (unless I’m really missing something).


Hi What soundcard do you have? Is it one with multiple inputs?


Johnny, you give up too quickly. It’s not the software - it’s configured “out of the box” for the most commonly desired setup by default.

Sound like more than one of the input devices are selected in the preferences. There will be at least a track for every one and you’ll get a track for each channel if the option to record 2 mono tracks for a stereo input is selected. An 8 input (4 pair) soundcard that also has a stereo digital input could result in 18 tracks in one click.

This is speculation. What devices are selected in the preferences?

First of all, I have not given up. I Didn’t think I came across that way at all. Just a bit confused is all.

The sound card I use is a multi input but the issue is, if I set up tracks (say I want to record from 4 inputs)

1. I need to make the inputs available.
2. I create the 4 tracks
3. I assign the inputs to them
4. I hit record

Everything ok so far.

The minute I hit record, it creates 4 new tracks (now I have 8) and automatically arms them and records.

I made sure to check preferences/options - untick auto add channels when live button pressed - And I only made the required inputs I needed available by clicking the hammer under the record and playback meters. Doesn’t make a whol lot of sense to me.

Mixing with N is a breeze and I really like the gui but I need to get passed this one issue

I have a VSL-2020 and it has SPIDIF and Analog inputs as well as 16 ADAT if I need them. I know that’s alot but N still shouldn’t create a new track every time you hit record. I have made sure the preferences/options - auto add channels when live button pressed is off

Thanx for the help guys. I really appreciate it. I just have to also get used to needing help instead of being able to offer it. I can do anything I want in Cubase without even thinking but I want to pull away from it since I have closed my studio.

Thanx all!!

What input devices are selected in the preferences? What inputs are selected to record from?

n-Tracks automatically creates a track from each input selected to record from. This is different from automatically creating a track when the Live button is pressed. I never create a track manually when recording. There may be a way to defeat that. I just save a new blank song (to set the project name and path to the files) and hit the record button and let n-Tracks add tracks automatically.

Since you have 16 available ADAT inputs and SPDIF it’s my guess that you are getting one mono track for each because all are selected in the preferemces and also as inputs to record from. With n-Tracks set up that way you would get 18 tracks just by hitting record.

It’s hard to speculate more since I’m not at home at the moment. I use a Layla20, Gina24, ot Layla24. The Gina24 and Layla24 both support ADAT. I have 8 channels of ADAT in either one. When I record I have to unselect the inputs I don’t want to use or I’ll get 8 tracks by default.

Well, here’s the thing. If I open up a new song (I have not created any tracks at this point) and just hit record, it automatically creates a new midi track and 1 track for any audio input I make available.

This is a very stupid feature in my opinion and there seems to be no way to turn it off, that I can see.

You can’t go back and do any kind of punching or re-recording because, even if you only have one audio input selected, it creates a new track each time you hit record.

I am completly lost. Thanx for trying though. It just looks like it will not function properly with this audio card.

I used to use N-track 3 and didn’t have this issue but I guess Flavio wanted to make more automatic. No good for me though.

I hope someone can shed more light on this otherwist it’s back to Cubase and I really don’t want that.

Thanx all. I appreciate all the help.

do you have the mute & solo buttons showing at the left side of each track ? - if so, do you select the method each track use when recording by clicking on the little grey button, (turns red when armed) if you dont do it this way N will always insert empty tracks on top of any you have inserted -

Ns recording default is to insert tracks automatically from those selected in prefs setup by hammer on recording VU meter, once this is set you do not have to insert blank tracks yourself, just hit record and N will do it for you -

Dr J

Thanx Dr J

The issue is, even if I have absolutely no tracks created, and I hit the record button, it does it on it’s own. I want this to stop. Otherwise, when ever I want to punch in or just re-record over parts of another track it creates a new one each time.

N-track never did this to me before and I’ve used this sound card with previous versions. I still think there is a feature I can shut off or else my efforts are no good.

I also think I may not be explaining things correctly. I just want it to stop creating tracks by itself. Can I do that?


OK, I figured it out. Woo hoo.

Now that I got it, I see it’s what you guys have been trying to explain. I just wasn’t seeing it. I can select all the inputs I want, I just needed to go into the record VU meters and turn off the arming.

Sorry for the grief guys. I’m not used to being the person looking for help.

Hopefully, I can become a productive part of this group and help out like you guys have.

Ok, so now I’m gonna try to record something and I will let you all grade my progress.


OK so you have no tracks inserted then N will do what i said in prior post it will insert them automatically for you -

using punch in you can record over a part with N without it adding new tracks, there are three punch in icons on the toolbar, the centre one has three options, one is add punch in to new tracks, untick that option in fact untick all options -

insert a pre recorded track, click on grey button next to freeze (snowflake icon) in lefthand track meter panel (not main VU meters) and set track to record from available options, click on the first (left) punch in icon, N will record a blank section of track over the pre recorded track, this new section you can move about at will without affecting the origoinal track, just tried this and it works without adding extra tracks - you will get a no input available error if you dont select a recording method from grey button,

to record over a track without using punch in, just select the options from grey button, when button turns red, N will record to that track, if button is grey N will insert new tracks - when you have finished recording over a track you have to set the button back to grey (dont record) to start recording to a new track -

the amount of track inserted will always be picked up from the prefs you have set by hammers, if you have all inputs ticked then N will insert that many tracks, untick the ones you dont need to use - saying that ADAT comes in banks of eight tracks, it depends how steinberg have configured it, if you cant select the tracks out of the bank then you will always get a minimun of 8 tracks inserted -

Dr J

Thanx Dr J.

I got it all sorted out. The only thing left is the click track. Having some trouble getting it to work but I’ll get it at some point. I just need to get used to all these extra steps. N needs alot more work to customize it seems.

Thanx for all the help guys.