wife has left me

Well I knew it was bound to happen. Miss Connie’s gone back to Tennessee. Nashville born and bred. I may have a good enough imagination to write a sad song about losing the love of my life, but I’ll have to get it done before she comes home next week.

Heh… Whew! I knew there was a “She’ll be back…” in there.

I tell you Poppa… The Good Lord blessed me with a good woman. I don’t deserve her and I don’t what I’d do if she left permanently… A week or so just means some quality time with the guitar, but I couldn’t take much longer…


Is this a business trip?
Can’t tell if I should be concerned
You all right PW?

The kids bought her a ticket “home” for Christmas. I drove her to Denver today and she was in Nashville before I got home.
I’m alone for a week. Time to dig out my fiddle and and record in my underwear!
I’m fine.

I have a great tune started I plan to finish writing, and get recorded. "I Wish She Didn’t Love You."
It’s a mask title and scenario about a guy who watches the one he loves get treated like crap by his friend, and he finally gets the nerve up to tell him he doesn’t deserve her, and how he’s watched from the “sidelines” sort of speak for years while she continues to love the jerk.
In reality, it is about my love for my grand daughter, and how I watch her mother treat her like crap and neglect the starry eyed love my grand daughter has for a self-centered, all about me jerk of a mother.
We’ll see - I can’t wait to play it for both of them - if for nothing more than to see if they get it and hope it may help. I’m sick of watching it and holding Sarah while she cries for her mom, knowing the truth, and not being able to say anything. My weapon of choice against it will be my music. Pray for me and/or wish me luck.


Pray for me and/or wish me luck.

You got it friend!


you scared me for a minute, you jerk.
i’m just lucky that when my missus took off 5 years ago, she was a pile of crap.
this one is so great, no amount of quality guitar time would console me, so it would be curtains (no, not some trip to bed bath & beyond, neither).

i feel yer pain, pops. just thinking about my first two kids being forceably sequestered with aforementioned of crap burns me to this day.

now about music–get crackin’!


now about music--get crackin'!

Yes sir Kernel jdet! SIR!

Time to dig out my fiddle and and record in my underwear!


Scared me also you turd! Read the title and thought, oh no, the morning hair cross eyed pic has run off a good woman!

My youngest grand daughter Layla has been in the hospital for 2 days with RSV virus and pneumonia. My daughter has been there with her day and night except for 5 hours yesterday afternoon to get a shower and take a break. Her so called dad was mad for having to fill in for my daughter and said it messed up his Christmas. What a selfish prick.

I feel yer pain Tommy, write a good un!

These are stories that foster good songs…
The lyrics of these songs are not jotted down by Pen-in-Hand…
They come from the sole-and-mind…
The hand is just doing the job of creating the words that the eyes-of-mind sees till the music comes forth…
I hope that the traditional form of musical expression is created in the music …
Harland Howard and that form/style…




:laugh: Oh your women left ya, now it's making sense. I thought you where on the run from the law to flint :laugh: