Wild Mountain Thyme

Song for my Mum

My dear old Mum’s favourite song. She’s a true highlander from the very North of Scotland.

Thanks to Poppa Willis for the Electric guitars. Great job Mr Willis!

Wild Mountain Thyme


You old softie. :;):

Good job with the vocals, very controlled, very smooth.


Excellent, excellent, excellent. Your voice is dead nuts, spot on. I think you are ment to sing this kinda stuff!

lovely Bruffie… turn the guitars down and get a bagpipe VST! :agree: :laugh:

Wow, Ian, you just get better and better - and duffman is right, this style really suits your voice.

It even sounds good on my laptop speakers! :laugh:

Nice work, and very well balanced Poppa.
Ian, thats a beautiful song, I had to look it up, you are among a good company
of artists that have covered it, great job.

Thanks guys!! Have to admit I took 3 or 4 takes at the vocal, but strangely, only 1 each at the harmonies.
And Tommy sent me a beautiful ringing guitar solo which my Mum would’ve loved, until I ran it through Freeamp in a search to get the ‘Stuart Adamson’ sound I had in my head…Sorry Poppa! :laugh:

Thanks for asking for the parts Bruffie - It’s your tune man - no need to apologize for putting it out the way you hear it.
I do agree with all the above - you shine on this material vocally. :agree:


I love this song, have you heard ‘Kate Rusby’s’ version? (she’s one of my biggest inspitarions)

you have done a lovely job of this.


Thanks Ange…Yes I know Kate Rusby’s stuff. I’m not surprised she’s an influence on you, but pretty good influence to choose. :agree:

Cool Bruffie! :agree: Vocals are awesome bud.

I felt that you probably could have done a better job on this.

Nice job there Ian.
This really does suit your voice mate :agree:

Me Dad will like this too as he likes his Scottish roots stuff.

Guitar just goes sweet with it :agree: