Will adding RAM reduce crashing with N Track Studi

Will adding RAM reduce crashing with NTS

I love this program, but one thing I dont like is that it crashes ALOT. On some of my complicated songs, the CPU gets up over 70 % and of course it crashes frequently. And even on less complicated tracks, it seems to crash quite a bit, and I have to reboot the system to get it to work again. Will adding RAM reduce this? I currently have 512 megs. Or is it better to get a faster processor? I have a 2.26 Gig right now

One other thing — the platform Im running everything off of is Windows 98. If I upgrade to XP for instance, will that make N track run more smoothly?

Thanks in advance

i use windows 98 an ntrack version 3.3,the only time ill crash or freeze is if i try an load my effects during playback,if i stop the playback an load effects,its fine,i have the same amount of ram as you sounds like,a 533 pross,i have had over 9 trax at once b4 noticing any kind of sluggish action,an then ill mix it down to a single track an all is cool

I never used to get crashes when resources were running a bit low. The system struggled tho, forcing me to quickly build a basic acking track that I could use to play back during the recording of each of my individual tracks. This siginificantly reduces the resources needed.

Perhaps if you are using a new version than v3.*, this maybe potential issues with Win 98. Maybe moving to the 2nd edition (WIn98SE) might help here. However, XP should load onto your PC without too many hitches and appears to be one of the better operating systems (from MS)

The Win 98SE boxes that I used to test version 4.xx on would also crash with n-Track, as well as certain games and other programs. I can’t really say for sure if it was the onboard sound driver for my cheap motherboard, Win98, n-Track, some other driver, RAM, etc… But in general, I’ve found that Win98–even SE–just isn’t as stable overall as Win2K and XP, especially with newer programs. My actual DAW box runs Win2K with 512MB and a 1.8 GHz processor, and n-Track runs pretty swell on it.


I’d agree with Scantee - the single thing that would increase stability most would be to upgrade to Win2K or WinXP. Just my 2p.

Ta John

512 MB of ram is going to be completely sufficient for Windows 98. Even if the OS can make use of more, N-track doesn’t seem to need it. Your computer’s processor is what’s being taxed–not the ram. Adding more ram will allow you to load more, but not run more.

I’d say invest in a copy of XP and then read and review

MusicXP for suggestions in improving the system’s resources being used by other items and making them available for N-Track.

Happy computing!