Will Proteus VX work as a multi in n-T?

(Thanks Yaz)The Proteus manual is for cubase, of which, I know nothing.
Whichever way round I launch the prgs, I have a different problem. Either I lose channel function on my midi keys, my drivers become swapped or no recording level in n-T.
I think I’m right in guessing that having several instaces of Proteus for each track would waste cpu so I’m trying to configure a multi with little luck. Cheers people.

Best way to use proteus with n is to set it up for one instance - mix to wav rinse repeat.

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You have to use the multi in Proteus itself, then use different channels for midi notes to send to each instance. The only Proteus plug is on 1 channel in nTrack.

I load up say Acoustic set 1, insdert into all the 16 channels in Proteus, then using different notes on different channels it becomnes a drum machine with Kick, Snare, Hihat, Toms, Cymbals all ran to their own channels and panning. Then I mix down each channel to a seperate wave file for mixdown using the volume controls on the Proteus mixer itself.

Confused yet? I am and I typed it. :)

Btw, the Proteus comes bundled with the E-Mu soundcards along with Cubase and a couple other limited softwares. Thus the reason for the demo in Cubase.

I’ve only got my eleven year old son’s whitness to this - but. In the wee small hours of a not too distant morning, I’ll swear I had Proteus multi’d into n. Each track set to my mia card and channeled respectively with proteus. Just a basic test build of drums, bass, piano and pad. Can I do it again? No:-(


PS. I think I opened Proteus first, as a standalone.