Windows 7 & Ntrack

Fine one day, then… ARRRRRRGH!!!

Hey guys. Anyone here running the RC of Windows 7, build 7100? I downloaded and installed the other day, and it runs a treat. Everything Vista should have been, in my opinion. After installation, n-track was also running fine. But, last night, whenever I go to record anything, it’s also recording everything that was recorded previously as well. I’ve seen this somewhere else in these forums but couldn’t find it. What’s strange is that it was all fine the previous day, and nothing (that I know of) has changed in the intervening period. I’ve tried all manner of combinations, WDM, Creative ASIO, and the ASIO 4all drivers, but can’t get anywhere.I’ve tried it with and without the “what You Hear” option ticked. No joy. I’m recording through an Alesis Mixer, outputting into a Creative X-Fi internal PCI card.

Any of you geniuses got any ideas? (I figured sweet-talking might help me get a response!)

Cheers, Daz


whenever I go to record anything, it's also recording everything that was recorded previously as well.

I'm not sure I understand this. You mean it's arming and recording 'over' previous tracks? Or all previous tracks are getting routed onto the new track?

Hey Poppa. Yeah, after re-reading, I probably didn’t explian clearly.

I recorded a bunch of other tracks the night before, guitars, bass and drums, all fine. Each new track recorded only what I was playing at that time. Now, when I hit record, even when I’m not playing, it’s taking what’s already playing (what was previously recorded) and recording that, as well anything new I play, into a new track.

Any clearer?

Yea - somehow all the previous tracks are getting mixed into the new track?
Double check all your inputs of armed track - and all the outputs of precious tracks and also master channel routing. I have not heard of this before but - I’ll search the forum also.

That’s what’s happening yeah. Strange eh? I did check all the inputs and output settings, and nothing seems untoward. Although when I select 24bit WDM drivers, it errors out on me as well, saying that the format isn’t supported. Odd, as in the Creative conrol panel, they are set to 24bit 48000hz as well, (I’ve used this setting for the last two years under Vista) which is what I’ve got both set at in n-track. But that might be a whole OTHER issue altogether…

have you checked for beta win7 drivers at Creative? that may be it.

Yup. Tried downloading the latest drivers. Don’t even think they were beta drivers neither. They were certified Windows 7 full release as I recall.

Yeah…it’s recording “what you hear” for some reason, even if it’s not selected. Doesn’t sound good. I suggest uninstalling the soundcard completely (physically remove it – uninstall is safe mode) and reinstall with just the latest Creative drivers (don’t accept anything that just starts up automatically when first booting with the card back in). There are some issues with the older in-box drivers that disable some onboard stuff, and an cause the cards to be stereo only, even though they are 5.1. I don’t really think that’s related but it needs to be out of the mix anyway.

Hey Phoo, thanks for the reply. I’m going to try reverting back to the Vista driver too. May try that first, just in case this Windows 7 driver has sent things screwy. Was thinking about yanking the card out and trying it with the onboard Realtek sound as well, just to compare.

What driver version is on the machine right now? (just wondering)

Just checked, and it IS running a Windows 7 BETA drive. Version 2.18.0013. Going to try a roll back to the last Vista driver, version 2.18.0008. Will report back…

You may have to do a virgin re-install to get the Vista drivers back, I know E-Mu is jumping thru hoops with this type stuff, which is a Creative company also. I would un-install the creative drivers, shut down, remove card, re-boot machine and let windows do it’s clean up thing, shut down and reboot to disable the Realtek onboard sound thru the Bios (F11 at start up), shut down, re-install card into slot, restart machine, don’t let windows install the driver, do it manually from your downloaded drivers.

In fact this ^ is what I would do to use the beta 7 drivers also.

I have the same prob with Creative ASIO in XP. I suggest you try the ASIO4ALL option again and check your Windows mixer settings (record select)after you select the ASIO4ALL.

Been there sort of. Let me explain. X-FI even with asio4all did the same thing to me in XP and vista. I found no way around it. I had to return my x-fi. Creatives x-fi new cards track bleed to no end. I even tried the custom driver pack, made by that guy, I can’t remember his name that writes 3rd party drivers for the creative brand to fix all the problems creative itself won’t fix, but he was treated with no respect from creative, canned his website. It’s a dead end with all x-fi cards. I suggest you get the older Audigy card of any kind as the asio4all drivers work very good with the Audigy, not perfect but it can work as that is what I use. I have the Audigy 4 pro. Sorry to be the guy that brings bad news.


Hey guys. Update. The problem is solved. Removed all the creative software from Add / Remove programs, rebooted and let Windows 7 re-install the default driver for the card. All working fine now, so it looks like the “What You Hear” on the new beta Win 7 driver isn’t operating as it should. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, and a hint there for anyone who’s upgrading to Win 7 with an X-FI card. Leave the default driver, rather than creative’s own. At least until it’s out of BETA anyways…

That’s funny, but typical. The problem I can into required Creative’s official drivers to be solved, yet yours was the other way around. I used to never ever use Creative’s onw drivers unless I really needed to. Looks like not much has changed.

Glad you got it figured out.

By the way, I have a couple of older Creative cards that are supposes to support 5.1 output. I have never once with any drivers been able to get them to playback in 5.1 mode. They are no longer supported by Creative and the drivers are not in their archives anymore. The older Windows inbox drivers work fin, but the cards are locked at stereo. Of course I have no use for these excpet old bug repros at work. I can’t imagine why anyone would still be using them, but if it works it works…or it doesn’t. I can use then in Vista or Win 7 at all.

Thats good to hear. Goes to show how good Win 7 is. As I mentioned WINXP and Vista were a no go with the x-fi for me at least. Perhaps later on down the road your could update us with the X_FI compatiablity and Win 7. Let us know when Win 7 is released how it goes with updated drivers. I will need to upgrade my sound card sooner or later but it would be good to know how x-fi and win 7 progress with n-track.

Keep us posted.


Yeah all good now. Apart from that one issue though Windows 7 has been like a breath of fresh air. I was one of the (seemingly few) people that actually didn’t mind Vista. I thought it had (has) some great features, but Windows 7 just blows it away. Starts up and shuts down quicker, better codec support, it plays DIVX and XVID files in Media Player by default, and Media Player / Centre support iTunes AAC files too. Build 7100 is the Release Candidate, but it has been as stable as a rock. Not had a single freeze, not staring at the spinning circle for ages waiting for it to make a decision. And it’s also the first MS OS to actually not need a higher spec machine to run on than it’s predecessor. It actually runs faster on my system and gives a higher Windows Experience score than Vista did on the same hardware, and I upgraded from my Vista installation, rather than doing a fresh install. Oh and wireless networking is a breeze too.

Just don’t install those Creative drivers…