Windows 7

Call all you gurus

Anyone here planning to upgrade/refresh install “7”? I see the wonderful M-Audio doesnt have drivers yet for my card. Apparently they didn’t learn for the M-Audio-Vista x64 driver fiasco.

My system is very stable with N-Track v5 and Vista HomePre x64, so is there really any advantages to 7? If I do jump in, will I need to update to N-Track v6? or will there be a N-t v7 by then?

I like gadgets, goodies, and early adopting of new tech. But there also comes a point where I just want everything to work and if it is, I dont want to mess with it. Is 7 going to be one of those, “Don’t bother with it!”, things?

Here’s a look at
M Audio Windows 7 Driver Progress

I would suspect they will be ready for the Oct. 22 roll-out.

Thinking you should get up to speed with v6 anyway Duff.
There is a big difference in programs and it’s a better nTrack.
At least work a little side project in a beta to get past the cussin phase, :laugh: because you will edit a little differently in v6 where some of v5 editing techniques might take some adjusting.
I still have v5 and v4 loaded, they all coexist just fine with v6. V6 is where you want to be today.

Windows 7? darn you would think that microsoft would learn to give us the system files so we don’t loose everything.
And then pick and choose program files as we want them.
Yea M-Audio makes a good package but they don’t exactly pay attention.