Windows 98 SE Broken Toolbar Images

Broken Toolbar Images

Hello Folks,

I have installed the actual Ntrack 4.0 Version (from end of September) on an Windows 98 SE maschine (700 MHZ PIII; 256 MB Ram). If I start NTrack, mostly all Icons on the toolbar are brocken (look like random pixels). The Icons to record or playback a song are correct.
What’s going wrong?


Try changing the colour depth of your graphics adapter to at least 24bit.
I have had similar problems in the past using 16bit graphics.


Thank you for your tip,

but it didn’t work for me. I have a ATI Rage 128 graphics card and I can only select 16 or 32 bit colordepth. In both modes, the icons are broken. If I change to 256 colors (8 bit), I can see the icons, but the whole application now looks terrible.

A lot of times that means the video drives need updating. Checkout this site:

This is the latest for Win9x (I think these are for your card):

Thank you, I will try it with a new driver and post the results

Just checking. You aren’t trying to load 3.3 on accident, are you? If you have 4.0 installed, it will mess up the icons…

Just checking.

The Icons to record or playback a song are correct.
Probably not, Edmond. The record and playback buttons are the ones that gets royally trashed when 3 is run and 4 is installed. That's a good thought, though.

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Probably not, Edmond.
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Nicknames from bands....who would have thought? :)

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Quote (savingedmund @ Oct. 13 2004,17:55)
anyways. anyone got an idea on this guy's images problem? ???

I'm wondering about the V3.3 and V4.0 thing.....I know having V4.0 on my Win2K laptop screws up V3.3. The graphics get all weird and some stuff just plain don't work. So...tsindt did you install 3.3 AND 4.0?


Installing V4 replaces a button bitmap file. The path the the bitmap that n-Tracks uses is in the registry, so both versions pickup the same bitmap. The bitmap in question is ntrck3xp.bmp. Take a look at what’s in the V4 folder and what’s in the V3 folder. The individual button sizes are different. That’s what actually causes the problem, since V3 can’t handle the slightly larger V4 buttons.

One workaround is to change the compatibility mode in the shortcut to the app. It defaults to WinXp mode, but switching it to Win2K mode will fix the transport toolbar problem. It doesn’t fix the other buttons, but the only problem with them is that the background is black.

I don’t think this is the same as the problem being reported since the transport buttons are ok, but it could be. The V3-V4 switcheroo doesn’t cause the pixels to be screwed up, but a drive problem will. There was an nVidia driver that was put out on Microsoft Windows Update that would cause problems in n-Tracks and some other apps. The latest from nVidia at the time was the same driver. I think the latest from nVidia is good to go though, and has those problems.

This is what V4 buttons look like in V3 n-Tracks just in case anyone wants to see them.

Yup. That’s what I’m seeing with W2K. Not to mention the weird things that go on because you now have two Plugin directories. That one is an easy fix though.

I suppose sometime soon, I’m gonna pop for the V4.0 upgrade. 3.3 does all I need and is really stable but I like to support Flavio in his mission for recording nirvana. (No. Not THAT Nirvana…)


Quote (phoo @ Oct. 08 2004,15:22)
A lot of times that means the video drives need updating. Checkout this site:

This is the latest for Win9x (I think these are for your card):

Hello "phoo", your hint works! The new graphic device driver works great with ntrack and all icons are visible as they should. Thank you very much.
By the way ...
Nice discussion thread.