windows compression?

Hi, people.
Would I be correct in thinking that it ‘wouldn’nt’ be a good idea to use windows compression on my nice, new, n-T only partition (wavs) - but it would be a good idea to defrag?

You are correct sir!

Cheers, Pop.

Not necessarily a good idea to defrag. Often times the tracks are written to disk interleaved, so something like this may be better:

Or, simply don’t defrag your audio drive.

I didn’t know that BubbaG - nice… thanks for the link.

Yup, defragging puts the files on disk in a linear fashion meaning your drive head has to jump all over the place to keep the stream for however may tracks constant. Interleaving keeps the bits closer together. Persoanlly, I have never defragged my audio drives. Or used that utility for that matter. Chkdsk on the otherhand…