Windows Processes Identification - Playback Skips

How to determine what I can shut down???

I have a Lexicon Omega which I use with my laptop (HP 2.8 Gig with 1 gig ram) for N-track recording. Last night I took my setup to my band rehersal and tried some “Live” recording. After recording about 4 songs we took a break and took a listen. The songs had skips in random places. Some small, some obvious!

I realized my firewall, virus software etc. was running in the tray, so I began shutting some processes down. Later we recorded several songs with no skips. So this seemed to help.

What I really want to know is how I can identify which processes do what, so I know whether it is safe to shut them down or not. I obviously would like to shut down as much as possible to give myself as big a buffer before issues occur as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT: Is it dead ? Do some googling…

Also, disable NICs and Wireless cards. The wireless card on my DAW will literally kick out the ASIo driver and then let it “talk” to the software again after a good 30 seconds. Runied a few takes before I figured that one out.